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Spermatorrhoea and Its Unani Treatment


Likewise, we have seen spermatorrhoea as a disease that is quite often seen in every 6/10 males. This is not an underlying medical problem, but it can cause a serious illness that leads to psychological disorders. The disease name spermatorrhoea is a big problem for men, making a healthy and peaceful life a bit disturbed. There are various treatments available for spermatorrhoea, but from all the nocturnal emission treatments, the best available treatment is Unani treatment for spermatorrhoea.

Disease of Spermatorrhoea 

This problem of spermatorrhoea is caused by due to unnecessary discharge of semen from the male body. This problem of ejection and flow must be taken seriously and precautionary measures to overcome this illness are needed. Otherwise, it results in underlying weakness and medical condition, which thus results in seminal weakness of the body. Spermatorrhoea disease was practically founded or we could say this sort of disease was observed in the late 19th century, which as a result flabbergasted many people about this disease. After observation in detail the symptoms, the problem, the disease as a whole made many people worried about this. In the initial stages, there were various studies made so that proper knowledge and treatment to prevent this could be discovered. But later on this after research, it was discovered that it is caused for not having sex for longer periods. As with time, there have been huge advancements made in the treatment of this problem. But the Unani treatment for nocturnal emission, prescribed by Unani physicians has a vast impact.

Treatments for Spermatorrhoea

As spermatorrhoea was observed a long time ago, so much better medication and treatment have been prescribed. The need for medicine in the nocturnal emission treatment is to overcome the deficiency of sperms in the body. The major cause of nocturnal emission that leads to a serious illness is a decrease in sperm count, which results in the development of various other health problems from which mental health is affected a lot. Proper spermatorrhoea Unani treatment overcomes the deficiency of sperms in the body that leads to a healthy and fit life.

Strengthens the Reproductive System

The Unani treatment for spermatorrhoea also overcomes your sexual desires. That as a result, overcomes the weakness in your reproductive system caused by nocturnal emission. It overcomes as a whole by increasing the production of sperms count in the body. Sperm deficiency is the root cause of nocturnal emission and sperms are the only ones that are affected a lot by spermatorrhoea.

The Major Cause of Spermatorrhoea

Generally, this is defined as a weakness in the body that takes place from time to time. The process of ejection because of nocturnal emission is usually in the morning. It usually affects the body’s internal organ structure at the time of maturity of a male. Some take it seriously or some of the people don’t pay any attention to it. Therefore it becomes worst at the age of their maturity. The biggest problem that makes this a serious illness or a threat to body fitness is nocturnal emission. Nocturnal emission often occurs at night or while you are sleeping.

Unani Treatment for Spermatorrhoea

With the list of available medicines and treatments to prevent and overcome the deficiency of spermatorrhoea, the best among all of them for this illness is herbal treatment for spermatorrhoea. There are a variety of herbal medicines available for nocturnal emission at Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan. These Unani medicines for spermatorrhea are recommended under the guidance of our expert herbal physicians. A list of some best herbal medicines for spermatorrhoea is described below.

Safoof Qalai

Safoof Qalai is the best Unani treatment for spermatorrhoea to overcome the medical illness for the unnecessary ejection of semen. It overcomes the deficiency caused by this disease and founded helpful to give strength to the body and male reproductive system. This helps to overcome nocturnal emission and improves unnecessary flow and improves the dilution of semen, which as a result improves the deficiency in the reproductive system caused by spermatorrhoea.

Safoof Gond Katery Wala

Safoof Gond Katery Wala is another Unani treatment of nocturnal emission, which helps you to overcome the hyperesthesia caused by spermatorrhoea. It is the best source to overcome the irritation caused by nocturnal emission in the evacuation vein in the male body. It must be taken with the advice of herbal physicians with some intake of liquid.


Jameelan is the most effective source to overcome the weakness in the male reproductive system. As it is an herbal medication so it cures your disease with no side effects or problems. It is the best source to overcome the initial stages of weakness in the male reproductive system, which is in form of small droplet flow on a timely basis. Also, it controls the flow of urine droplets after the urine. Treatment of this illness in the initial stages is recommended by our herbal physicians or it can result in a change in the shape of a penis. Jameelan under the observation of our herbal physician is the best remedy to cure health problems related to male reproductive system.

Qurs Jiryan

Qurs Jiryan is highly effective and the best source of herbal treatment to overcome the strength and weakness caused by nocturnal emissions. It not only overcomes that weakness caused by nocturnal emissions, but also it gives strength to your body, which results in permanent reform in the disease of spermatorrhoea.

Herbal Medication

There are lots of herbal medicines available as per your need and as per the condition of your body. There is no chance that everyone may have similar problems to one another. Therefore in this condition, it is recommended to consult our panel of expert herbal physicians at Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan. They will guide you in a proper manner that can be helpful for your health condition. Taking a dose of any herbal medication without consulting your herbal physician can even make it more destructive. Therefore before taking any medicine, it is compulsory to have a consultation about your condition from our expert herbal physicians.

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