Dawakhan Hakim Ajmal Khan

Why Choose us?

Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan (Pvt). Ltd. is committed to providing valuable healthcare to the patients ranging from all financial backgrounds. It is our core belief of serving humanity which leads us to serve patients with more care and treat them with utmost sincerity

Our Certifications

Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan (Pvt). Ltd.is unlike many of the locally administered Dawakhana operating without proper supervision and without any government allowance. We are certified by many authorities which includeThese certifications are making us truly distinguished from other competitors in the market. Being certified from ISO 9001 means we have the best machinery for making medicines. Punjab food authority has proved that we have a clean environment, standards, procedures, processes, food safety and quality standards and no such things are used which affect the making or packaging process

We are Since

Established in 1948, Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan (Pvt). Ltd. is a renowned name itself. Our products have been used to cure many diseases form more than 150 years ago. In contrast, some of the medical families have passed in subcontinent, who are known as “Chharddanag Alam” due to their skill and medical services. Hakim Ajmal Khan was a living legend, a person of inherent inner beauty, outer grace, and dignity; he was a man of exceptional character. Hakim Ajmal Khan was born in Delhi in I868 in the family of renowned Hakims of Delhi famously known as “Khandaan-i-Shareefi”.

Our recipes

Our medicinal recipes are old and have stood the test of time. Not only this but the recipes or “Nuskhas” have been subjected to various medical tests and researches and various products have been developed from them using hygienic and controlled methods in the laboratory using precise and latest techniques. All of the products are made up of natural ingredients like; Herbs, Minerals, and Animal Origin without the interference of chemicals at any level of production.

After the product has been manufactured, we make sure that the product is packed safely so that it might be used later after a prolonged period of time. All of the products have expiry dates and it is made sure that the expiry dates comprise of larger time span. All of the products have been priced according to all ranges of people with diverse financial backgrounds. There are more than 450 products which deal with different diseases used by 5 million people until now.

Our researches

All of the hakim at our dawakhana are well trained and well experienced and possess the mastery over their respective field of study. Apart from this, it must also be noted that all of the hakim are certified from required government authorities including DRAP among others. Our products and recipes are proof of our research. Our products are natural and they contain no chemical preservatives or other chemical formulas.

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