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Effects of the Third COVID Wave and Current Situation in Pakistan


The third wave of COVID has just hit hard in major cities of the country. A sudden increase in the number of cases has threatened the people across the country. Despite the various actions taken by the officials of the government, people are still taking this lightly. With time, things are getting changed and the government is also trying its best under available resources to control the spread of coronavirus so that there shall be no similar condition as the people had to suffer in initial times.

Reservation from the Health Department

Many of the officials from the health department also blame the government that the unnecessary piece of information is guided to people and as a result, the disease may again become a problem for people. Officials from the health department are trying their best to educate people at their end to take precautionary measures. These precautionary measures are also communicated with the government officials to emphasize some rules and regulations that can act as safety measures for the people.

Implementation of SOP’s

In light of guidelines provided by the health department, they are urging first that people by themselves take some certain things for granted to follow the coronavirus SOPs. If the treatment is not possible then cut the spread and minimize the effects of the virus. Government must start from the first phase, in which, the industries and businesses may not get the effects. But still, if things don’t get settled down then the government must need to take some serious actions regarding the implementation of rules and  COVID SOPs so that Pakistan may not have to experience a big loss.

Change in Condition

As stated by the officials, authorities have been presenting the alarming situation as the condition has started to become worse day by day from the start of the month. This change in condition and an unfortunate increase in cases can also be because that people have now been stress-free because of the successful rollover of the vaccine in Pakistan. On behalf of which people have stopped following the guidelines and COVID SOPs regarding how to protect from this deadly virus.

Local Authorities

Local authorities are blaming us that we are unable to maintain the strict COVID SOPs as the people themselves are not taking this seriously. Many government officials and local authorities are ordered to maintain the safety barriers for all the ones out there so that we can minimize the outcome of the spread as much as possible.

Officials Representation

This is a statement stated by the government that it is very clear so far that people have not been paying any attention to the rules and COVID SOPs stated by the government. We must try to make a proper strategy in which we must make a routine to open the businesses and maintain the safety barrier for the people. 

We are already in the phase of smart lockdown, but people still are not prepared to accept this. As the areas that have been in smart lockdown, people often visited those places very often. Also, people are not maintaining social distances while shopping or outing. All of these recommended COVID SOPs are for after safety which people don’t care about.

Responsibilities of a Citizen

It is the need of the time that all the people out there in this third wave of the disease must take some necessary precautions. We hope that with the blessings of Almighty Allah, we could pass this time of difficulty. There are some responsibilities of a responsible citizen that must need to be followed, and let others also follow your advice.


The process of vaccination has just started with the huge efforts of the government. Firstly the vaccination is dedicated to the frontline health workers. Then now it is in the phase of vaccination for the general public, especially for people more than 60 years of age. 

Many people are not willing to go through the process of vaccination, so this is the responsibility of an educated citizen to encourage people more than 60 years in your family to take the shot of vaccine. There is relatively no major side effect reported so far yet from the corona vaccine. This helpful information can let the people clear their minds from such myths that vaccination could cause any side effects.

Prevent Going Outside If You Have Any Symptoms

This is the responsibility of every responsible citizen to have a self-analysis of their health condition on their own. If they feel any symptom of COVID (coronavirus) such as;


    • Shortness of breath

    • Cough

    • Flu

    • High temperature

Then you must stay away from the public and large gatherings as this is dangerous for you and the health of other peoples.

Treat Your Symptoms with Herbal Medication 

If you feel any symptoms related to cough, flu, and shortness of breath, you can also get some herbal medicines for these symptoms. Herbal medicines are known for their effective results and no side effects characteristics. There is a variety of herbal medications available at Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan which helps to fight with coronavirus third wave. Some of the details of herbal medications are:

Sharbat Sadar Ajmali

This syrup tends to prevent flu, cough, and COLD very efficiently. This also acts as the best herbal medicine to cure your respiratory diseases. It will also help to improve the immunity of your body and will act as a protective shield for various other viral diseases. It is a thick liquid that must be taken with the intake of water on the advice of our herbal physician. Unnab (Zizyphus Sativa) is the main ingredient used in the preparation of Sharbat Sadar Ajmali, which has various benefits for your body.

Diya Quza

It is the best herbal treatment for dry cough. Diya Quza this also acts as the best remedy and a solution for your chronic dry cough and both nasal and chest congestion. In some cases, a continuation of dry cough for a longer time could also lead to shortness of breath, so proper treatment with the advice of herbal physician is the best advice if you are looking for proper herbal treatment of your problem. 

Diya Quza is a perfect herbal remedy for chronic dry cough. Diya quza is effective in coronavirus symptoms. Tukham Khashkhash (Papaver Somniferum L.) is the main ingredient of Diya Quza manufactured by Dawakhana Hakeem Ajmal Khan that acts as the fastest mode of recovery for dry cough.

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