Dawakhan Hakim Ajmal Khan

Our Policies

Return Exchange Policy

There is no return policy at Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan. One a product is received, it cannot be returned. Products can be exchanged only once and once exchanged; the order cannot be undone or mended. In case if the product ordered through online delivery is not according to the order placed, the products will be exchanged within 7 days. In case if the product received is expired, it can be replaced within 7 days, keeping in mind that the product purchased is reported and not any other than that. Also note that once the product has been opened, it cannot be exchanged. Products can only be exchanged and not ‘returned’. Products purchased through any offer or sale cannot be exchanged hence, please contact the retailer through whom you buy products for exchange or return.

Gifts ad coupons Policy

Gifts and coupons are updated time to time so you can check the website regularly for any updates. The gift and coupon information you can receive through email or SMS massage. Products bought through any sale or offer cannot be exchange or return. All of the offer or coupons received through email are only valid for 3 days, starting from that date the email or sms massage has been delivered. Offer is valid for only specific store which is mention on email or sms. Not apply on all branches. Offer or coupon rewarded can be claimed only from the official store or site of the brand. Coupons or offers can be subjected to only one person at a time.

Shipping Policy

The products are delivered through Leopard Courier Service and Pakistan Post. The delivery time is 4-7 working days. In case of late delivery, please contact the company. Orders placed above 600 Rs have free delivery whereas; delivery charges will apply on orders placed lower than that. If the address mentioned is incorrect, the order may take time more than required to reach the destination in which case, the company will not be responsible for the late delivery. Our agents can contact for personal details, in order to identify fraud or fake orders. The orders placed on the given address are discharged once the advance payment has been made.

Payment Policy

The methods that you can use for the payment of the delivery are through: JazzCash Credit Card Debit Card Visa/ Mastercard Bank Transfer We only claim responsibility for the products ordered through our official website and therefore, do not support any other site/page promoting or selling our products, hence, we are not responsible for the products purchased from any other site than ours. In case if the order is not delivered or it is late, the payment will be refunded within 10 days after verification.

Privacy Policies

The privacy policy of Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal is taken very seriously. All the information of patients are kept confidential and is not disclosed to anyone except medical purposes. The name of the patient, medical illness, medical reports or history will not be provided to any individual. The email and contact details provided by the patients/customers are decrypted by our websites’ SSL certificate hence; it is inaccessible to any other person. Debit/ Credit/ Master/ Visa card details provided by the customers are also decrypted through our SSL along with padlock certification method, making it out of access range of any other person whether staff or someone else. Our website does not accept any cookies. Plus, our website also supports TSL verification method.

Prescription & Medical Health Policy

The medical health policy of the clients is taken very seriously at Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan and the information like prescription, reports etc., of every individual is kept confidential.
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