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Herbal Treatment for Improved Sexual Performance


Men these days are very much concerned to speed up the moments of sexual pleasure while having sex. Therefore a list of our fellows moves to dissatisfaction in their life, because of this hustle in life to speed up this procedure as faster as possible. However, this moment of dissatisfaction and anxiety to increase the efficiency of your sexual life leads to the bigger reason for destroying your sexual abilities. In many cases, the problems are in the initial stages, which could easily be enhanced and improved by taking the best available best sex medicine in Pakistan. Some of the important components or steps that are needed to remove this deficiency in sexual life are to improve through the determination, strength and ability to improve your sexual performance.

These efforts could result in a happier and satisfied sexual life for a couple. As the biggest reason for immaturity in this aspect of life is due to the dissatisfaction from your sexual performance.  It is highly recommended by experts that not to worry about this phase of life as this tension only could be the bigger problem for anyone.

Some of the beneficial ways of improving sexual performance

There are various means of improving the sexual performance of your life. In which herbal medication with some ways that could enhance the efficiency and your ability to have time full of pleasure.

Focus on actions

Various small efforts of change in life can result in satisfaction and improve the moments of anxiety. So in various actions in your sexual life can divert your mind, which could result in satisfaction and an increase in your strength and capabilities of having a time full of ease and satisfaction. There could be some new things or actions that may be the part of your sexual life that may be involved to overcome the deficiency. Those actions could be in terms of touching, etc.

Give rest to your body

Many people wish to have good strength and a long time to have pleasure. Must try to focus on having the methodology to have a rest after the ejaculation. Take rest and give some time to you that can be in terms of taking a deep breath or any other way. Then start and try your best to maximize the efforts of having the time of relaxation.


To have sexual intercourse the best thing involved to divert your mind from the anxiety is the environment. If you have been satisfying your sexual needs with your partner for a very long time in the same manner it becomes a routine. It may result in dissatisfaction as excitement and lust start to decrease over time. New efforts could be various things in which place and time matter a lot.

Try new ways of interaction 

There is a list of new ways that can be shared from time to time with your partner in which include:

  • Going for a candlelight dinner.
  • Outing after some time.
  • Shopping on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Going out on a beach.
  • To explore a new location.
  • Visit a hill station.

In various means and terms of interaction, you can manage the anxiety level of your mind. That could result in the permanent removal of anxiety and tension from the mind.

Manage your stress level

The most important component that has the major concern of not having a satisfying sexual life is because unmanaged stress level of your body. These stress level of the body also causes a man to get frustrated on smaller problems and actions of life. So to overcome this deficiency we could go for a walk or exercise with our loved ones, so that open-air and pleasing environment of the area may make you feel good.


Taking proper medicine and discussing all of your problems related to your sexual life can be the fastest mode of recovery. Taking herbal medicines under the guidance of an expert herbal physician is one of the fastest and best mean to overcome the deficiency of your sexual life. As there are many reasons in which deficiency in the sexual need of a person is because of some problem. Which could be enhanced by the effort of proper herbal medication.

Herbal medicine to overcome the deficiency of your sexual needs in the body

V2 Ajmali

V2 Ajmali is the best herbal medicine from Dawakhana Hakeem Ajmal Khan. It is known as the best sex medicine in Pakistan as it has a tendency to increase the timing effect of your sexual intercourse, which gives pleasure and an appealing effect to you. It is the best to overcome the weakness which also controls the excessive nocturnal emission from your body. Also helpful for the treatment of nerves weakness known as spermatorrhoea.

Qurs Mumsik Jadid

Qurs Mumsik Jadid is another effective herbal medicine to overcome the ability to have a sexual desire. It is a disease found in male, due to low testosterone levels. This is used to enhance the ability of the body to improve the production of sperm. This could also lead to several problems in the body that could deeply affect your sexual need and desire of the body. We have a list pf herbal sex pill in Pakistan which overcomes the deficiency and give maximum strength to the male reproductive system. It gives strength to your body and overcomes the weakness, which results in overcoming the problem of early ejaculation. The main ingredient of Qurs Mumsik Jadid is Tukhm Imli also known as Tamarind. It is recommended to take the dose of Qurs Mumsik Jadid with the intake of water as prescribed by the prescription of our herbal physician at online.

Ilmas Kimiyavi

Ilmas Kimiyavi is a tonic tablet wrapped in a gold foil, the selection of ingredient was specially formulated by Hakim Ajmal Khan. Mixture of nine unique herbal ingredients. It results in the removal of stiffness from the body, it helps in the circulation of blood flow and clears the blockage of veins.  Best source to overcome the deficiency of Hormones, enhance the production of semen. With magnificent and multiple benefits Ilmas Kimiyavi is also known as the best sex pills in Pakistan. It is the best and highly effective and the best sex medicine in Pakistan, which is recommended to take on the advice of our expert herbal physicians available online at Ajmal dawakhana.

Majun Raig Mahi – Sexual Strength

Majun Raig Mahi is specially formulated by Dawakhana Hakeem Ajmal Khan to improve the sexual strength of the male.  Effective in terms of to overcome the deficiency of sperm count and give strength to your sexual intercourse, which prevents premature or early ejaculation. It is made of a special ingredient Syzygiumaromaticum known as clove. Majun raig mahi is best sex medicine in Pakistan.  An herbal ingredient that is anti-bacterial and helps to boost the immune system of the body. All the medicines are recommended to take on the advice of our herbal physician at Ajmal dawakhana.

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