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Beware Of Flu in Winter Season


Cases of cold, cough, flu and seasonal fever increase with the onset of cold. Medical experts say the spread of viral infections affects both children and adults. Cold winds during winter season also make children sick. Additionally, medical experts say children are more susceptible to viral infections if precautions are not taken in cold weather. Due to the changing weather these days, every second person seems to be affected by COLD and flu. 

Due to lack of proper health care, the majority of people ignore COLD and flu as a minor illness. And even if some people pay attention to it, they only consider it sufficient by getting an antibiotic or to drink Joshanda for flu.  Joshanda is best flu medicine in Pakistan. However, the disease is not as insignificant as we think and do not pay attention to its treatment.

Causes Incurable Disorders If Left Untreated

According to medical experts if the flu is not treated in a timely and appropriate manner, it can cause many incurable and painful disorders. It is common for premature greying of hair accompanied by a persistent flu. It also can cause vision loss and faint the colors of life. 

Flu also makes it harder to achieve success by affecting mental abilities and skills. Frequent dropping of sticky fluids in the throat impairs sound. Nervous and muscular weakness causes a person to fall on the threshold of premature aging. Yellowing of teeth, cavities in teeth, Inflammation of the throat, ear diseases, impairment of nasal functions such as nasal congestion, difficulty breathing through the nose, etc can also be triggered by flu.

Types of Flu

Respiratory tract infections are also caused by a drop of mucus in the throat. The stomach also suffers from weakness due to this mucus. Gradually, the appetite begins to decrease and as a result, the whole body falls into the grip of weakness.

There are many types of flu.

  • Flu caused by excessive cold.
  • Flu caused by a rise in temperature.
  • Chronic or persistent flu

Chronic or persistent flu is the most dangerous type of flu. Flu outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during the change of season. Only a fortunate person escapes from it. The common cold, also known as the flu, is a viral disease that is transmitted from one person to another in the form of infection. We also can call this flu as the epidemic seasonal flu and it usually cures on its own within 10 to 15 days. When the flu strikes, the body begins to feel a slight pain, redness appears in the eyes. Feeling of heaviness and pain in the head

The body feel lethargic due to increasing weakness and sometimes there is fever as well. Also there is no hunger and constant urge for water. Usually, flu symptoms sometimes begin to appear in response when the body cannot adapt to climate change.

By taking precautions, we can significantly protect against many other seasonal and epidemic diseases, including colds and flu. Just a few days before the climatic change, you should change your diet, clothing and lifestyle accordingly. Drinking cold water should be done with caution and unnecessary use of fans should be avoided.

Some Best Flu Medicine 

Lauq Sapistan

Laooq Sapistan is best flu medicine that is mainly used in a range of upper respiratory tract infections including chronic obstructive lung disease, catarrh, flu and cough. Acute respiratory tract infection may hinder normal breathing pattern. Flu normally starts as a viral infection in the nose and trachea. The symptoms of acute respiratory tract infections such as flu and cold can be managed with Laooq Sapistan.

Because of its expectorant properties, it is also helpful in reducing excessive cough and removes phlegm from the lungs. It also cures pharyngitis. Sore throat troubles caused by seasonal allergies and infections can also be cured with the use of Lauq Sapistan.

Sharbat Sadar Ajmali

Sharbat Sadar is an herbal syrup for cough, cold, flu, bronchitis as well as lung diseases. It is one of the best miraculous herbal formulas created by the Great Hakim Ajmal Khan. Sharbat Sadar Ajmali helps to mitigate symptoms of all types of flu, cough, and bronchitis. The particular herbs used in the formation of Sharbat Sadar Ajmali make it decongestant and expectorant and provide relief from dyspnoea.

Joshanda Ajmali

Joshanda Ajmali is an effective natural herbal remedy for flu, cold and sore throat problems. It is a very helpful herbal cure for flu, cold, cough and catarrh. It can be used by everyone at all times and in all seasons.

Laooq Khiyar Shambar

Laooq Khiyar Shambar is helpful in flu, cold, and catarrh problems. It also cures cough caused by seasonal allergies. Because of the expectorant nature of Laooq Khiyar Shambar, it also is of assistance in clearing the nasal airways by excreting phlegm. Laooq Khiyar Shambar also helps in chest and nasal congestion. Laooq Khiyar Shambar is best flu medicine.

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