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Sore Throat in Children and Its Herbal Treatment

Sore Throat

Sore throat occurs when a child complains of a pain in the throat. Your child’s throat may feel dry, itchy, or sore. What are the causes of a sore throat? The answer to this question is that there are several factors or causes that can cause a sore throat. Diseases such as the common COLD or flu can main cause sore throat in children. Sometimes It occur when children sleep with their mouths open and then when they wake up, their mouths become dry and their throats are sore. Children can also get sore throats by clearing their throats before coughing or coughing at night. There are also some viruses in the air that can cause mouth ulcers or sore throats.

About 1 in 10 complaints of sore throat are caused by a bacterium called Streptococcus. This is a contagious disease of the throat known as strep throat. In the streptococcus family, group A beta-hemolytic streptococcus (GABS) can cause further infection with complications. Group C and G can also cause strep throat, but this can occur without the possible complications of GABS. Additionally, the tonsils of the throat may be affected. This is called a sore throat. When this happens, the tonsils become sore, larger, and darker red than usual.

Signs and Symptoms of Sore Throat

  • Your child may complain of neck and throat pain.
  • Your child may complain of pain in the throat while swallowing, drinking, or eating anything.
  • Young children refuse to eat or drink anything in this condition, and eat less than usual, or cry while eating and swallowing.

Your child may also experience some other symptoms such as;

  • Some children may have a fever, cough, runny nose, and pain in the throat, or hoarseness.
  • Some children may have nausea and abdominal pain. Their throat may be redder than usual and they may have an infection. These symptoms are common with a sore throat.

Caring For Your Child At Home

A sore throat can usually be treated at home. To keep the child more relaxed, try the following instructions below:

  • If your child is having difficulty swallowing anything, give them soft foods that can be easily swallowed.
  • Give the child plenty of fluids to drink.
  • If the child is more than 1 year old, give him pure honey to soothe his throat and it also helps in coughing.
  • Elder children may try gargling with lukewarm saltwater.

Sleeping With Your Mouth Open Can Cause Sore Throats

  • If your child has a sore throt, give him something to drink.
  • Use a humidifier at night to keep the air moist.

If the problem is persistent and is accompanied by snoring, difficulty breathing, or drowsiness during the day, talk to your doctor about it and visit him regularly.

A Stuffy Nose Causes a Sore Throat

Cleaning the nostrils with a saline solution can help clear the throat or reduce coughing.

Sore Throat Due To Viruses

Antibiotics do not cure viruses. Your child needs only soothing methods. To treat your child’s pain and fever, give your child some herbal cures for throat infection. If your child’s throat is so swollen that he can’t even swallow the pills, give him fluids or analgesics. A sore throat caused by a virus should heal in a week.

Inflammation of the Throat Due To Strep Throat

Most sore throats usually heal in 3 to 7 days without the use of antibiotics. The use of herbal medicines for sore throat reduces the risk of other people getting it and reduces the complications associated with group A strep.

If your child has group A strep throat, your herbal physician will prescribe some Unani medications for sore throat, making sure the child is well. He is taking medicines on time, even if he is feeling better.

Some Things That Do Not Help With Sore Throat

Do not use throat sprays as there is no evidence that they will be useful for sore throats. Some throat sprays contain compounds that can cause allergies or other problems. Don’t give sucking and chewing medicines to very young children as they may get stuck in your throat. Do not give used medicine to any other person or friend in the house. This medicine does not have to be valid. This way you can hurt your child against your will.

Herbal medicines for sore throat are helpful in treating group A strep throat. If a child is given herbal medicines, the herbal medicines can also treat future infections or diseases.

Complications of Sore Throat

Complications include side effects and problems that your child may inadvertently suffer from;

  • It is caused by a virus, clearing the throat, dryness and itching, and complications are rare.
  • Caused by Group A strep and left untreated can lead to a disease that affects the nervous system, heart (arthritis-related fever), or kidneys, and post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis.

When to Get Medical Help?

Take your child to your family doctor if:

  • Your child has a pain in throat for more than 24 hours (1 day), especially if he has a fever.
  • Your child has been in contact with someone who has throat problems.
  • Your child has had a sore throat in the past.
  • If the doctor suspects that the child has a sore throat, he will perform some tests. This means that the doctor will take some material from the throat with a long cotton swab and send it to the laboratory for examination. This is the only way to tell if your child has a sore throat.
  • If the swab test reveals that the child has a group A strep infection, the doctor will suggest antibiotics, but if the cause of the sore throat is a virus or some other cause, the antibiotics will not work.
  • Your child’s throat has been sore for more than 24 hours, especially if he has a fever.
  • Your child is having trouble breathing.
  • Your child is dripping saliva or has great difficulty swallowing anything.

Some Herbal Medicines for Sore Throat


Dawa-i-Gadud is useful herbal medicine for throat glands enlargement, strep throat and other throat related issues. It diminishes the throat swelling caused by the viral infections. More often than not, this infection is caused by an increase in the white cells in the lymph nodes. On the other side, swollen glands are caused by an infection and some other benign medical conditions.

Itrifal Ghudadi

Itrifal Ghudadi is an effective Unani Medicine in enlargement of throat glands. Especially in the children’s having enlarged throat gland.

Sharbat Banafsha

Sharbat Banafsha is helpful in COLD, cough and fever. It is very beneficial in throat irritation. Sharbat Banafsha also consists of antiasthmatic properties that help in treating bronchial and asthmatic problems. Seasonal changes bring lots of microbes and allergens that cause allergies, such as throat infection, sinus troubles, nasal congestion, gruffness of voice, irritation and throat pain, and some other types of seasonal allergies.

Sharbat Toot Siah

Sharbat Toot Siah includes ingredients that add to the progression of the immune system. It also contributes to the health of oral and pharyngeal openings. It is best herbal remedy for sore throat in children. Sharbat Toot Siah relieves the irregular catarrhs to drop into the pharynx and because of its cold and tacky possessions; it acts as febrifuge in high temperatures due to upper respiratory disorders.

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