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World Tuberculosis (Sil) Day 2022 | Invest to End TB. Save lives


Tuberculosis is a bacterial disease that spreads through cough or sneezing droplets. Furthermore, these droplets affect the inhaler’s lungs badly. Four thousand people die of this disease, while 28000 fall victim to tuberculosis each day. So it’s fundamental to spread awareness about social, economic, and health hazards caused by tuberculosis. There is an official theme each year. WHO designates the world tuberculosis day theme 2022. World tuberculosis Day 2022 will be observed all across the globe. This year, world tb day 2022 has a mission to spread awareness and end the disease.

World tuberculosis day was first ever observed on 24th march 1882 when Dr Robert Koch studied the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis causing tuberculosis.

Different initiatives are happening every passing year to help people suffering from tuberculosis or at risk of it. Proper medical treatment, as well as nutritional and mental health, has been taken care of finely.

The essential purpose of World TB day is to make people aware of this lethal disease and its impacts.

Several campaigns and programs held at the global level influence world TB day. And most of the hospitals offer their services for free on this day.

Prevention is always better than cure. Administering the physical environment of your surroundings can definitely be the best prevention from tuberculosis. If you live in a fully ventilated area and the hygienic conditions of this location are above average, you’re a hard target for the bacterial attack. Natural sunlight also kills bacteria. In addition, your immune system surely helps sustain you well.

If one fall ill with TB bacteria, there’s a vaccine that works well. BGC (Bacille Calmette-Guérin) vaccine works best against tb. Hence, world tb day conveys all such messages to the common mass.

Causes of Tuberculosis (Sil).

  • Increased population is the most common cause of tuberculosis. Mostly, people live in urban centres. Thus, it’s difficult for management to control this infectious disease in poor social environments. Older adults are more easily prey to this disease. Other groups are equally suspected.
  • It takes, more or less, six months for the patients to recover and act like ordinary people. But the thing is that most people stop the medication before this timeline.
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol consumption.

World Tb Day Themes.

Every year, world tuberculosis day is celebrated with a different theme to address the people and victims of this disease.

The theme of world TB day 2019 was “it’s time“. The main concern of this theme was to address the influencers and the leaders towards the most deadly infectious disease, causing most death per annum.

The main idea for World tuberculosis day 2020 was “It’s time to end tb“.

The theme of World TB Day 2021 was the clock is ticking“. This theme basically was influencing the public towards the loss this disease has done every year and to realise the leaders about passing the time and their commitments.

This year’s world tuberculosis day theme 2022 main is “Invest to end TB and save lives”. This year the theme shows that more of the focus is towards fundraising for the TB patients to provide them with better health and other basic facilities.

What Herbs and Home Remedies that Help with Tuberculosis?

There are certain herbs that prevent and treat tuberculosis. We’ve come up with home remedies that cure tuberculosis.

Garlic (Lehsun) as an antibacterial agent

Garlic is the most effective herb to treat TB. The compound Allicin is present in it. Thus, it is highly active against tb bacteria.

Mint as an antioxidant agent

Mint adds flavor in drinks to help clear the respiratory tract as well as acts as an antioxidant with properties that boost immunity.

Black pepper as an anti-inflammatory agent

Black pepper, being anti-inflammatory, prevents and helps to recover TB. Thus, it relieves pain and clears the lungs.

Protein storehouse food

The sufferers of tb may experience weight loss, and they need to regain it for a healthy recovery. So, add protein-enriched components like cheese, eggs, and soya to the daily diet.

Take Vitamins containing food.

Vitamins including vitamin A, C, and E play a significant role to prevent and treating TB. In addition, the vitamin sources are fruits like oranges, mango, and guava. Moreover, other sources are tomato, pumpkin, fish, chicken, etc.

Vinegar contains acid

Vinegar has a very active substance in it named acetic acid. Thus, the bacteria get killed by acetic acid, even if they’re drug-resistant.


So, world tuberculosis day is celebrated every year to make people aware of how to combat this disease. However, there are certain vaccinations designed to cure tb.

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