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Riyazat (Exercise) | Foremost Principle of Treatment in Unani System of Medicine


Riyazat (Exercise) Ilaj Bil Tadbeer plays a vital role in principle of treatment (Usool e Ilaj). Ilaj bil tadbeer is classified into various nonsurgical procedures or regimes. From massage (Dalak), venesection (Fasad), exercise (riyazat) to sitz bath (abzan), there are various procedures applied for treating different diseases. But, one of them is the most preferred method, which is exercise (Riyazat). We can conduct it anywhere around the globe, and it has no strict restrictions like other regimens. Well, in this case, we should know all about Riyazat. Stay tuned to know some fantastic stuff!

Riyazat is the exercise that maintains a healthy body. There are various kinds:

Riyazat is mainly of two types:

  1. Riyazat i Juziya / Incomplete Exercise
  2. Riyazat i Haqeeqi / Complete Exercise 

Other Types 

Riyazat I Aarziya: It is a passive exercise that is conducted unintentionally during occupational activities. 

Riyazat I Zatiya: It is an active exercise to benefit a healthy body. It further varies according to strength, duration, and mode of practice. 

According to strength three types:

  1. Riyazat i Qaviya Shadeed (strenuous exercise)
  2. Riyazat i Motadil (moderate exercise)
  3. Riyazat i Zaeefa (mild excerise)

According to duration: 

  1. Riyazat i Kaseera (prolonged exercise)
  2. Riyazat i Motadil (Moderate duration exercise) 
  3. Riyazat i Qaleela (short duration exercise) 

According to strength and Sura’at:

  1. Riyazat i Hasheeha (Fast and strenuous exercise) 
  2. Riyazat i Motadil (Moderate and strenuous exercise)
  3. Riyazat i Mutarakhiya (Slow and strenuous exercise)

Importance of Riyazat 

Riyazat plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy body and mind. Well, it’s a holistic treatment as it cures your mind, soul, and body. It is helpful to evacuate the morbid matter of the body and help in tahleel of toxins. However, it improves the appetite by stimulating hararate gharizia. 

Disease treated by Riyazat 

Well, it’s not simple to name all diseases treated by Riyazat, but some of them are listed below. 

  • Diabetes 
  • Obesity 
  • Hyperlipidemia
  • Stomach pain 


According to healthcare professionals, the addition of riyazat is your daily lifestyle is really helpful in maintaining a healthy body, mind, and soul. Start with light exercises like situps and walking and gradually increase the intensity. Please don’t go with a strenuous workout at the beginning as it may harm you. 

Stay healthy and exercise daily! 

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