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World Health Day 2022 | Raise Awareness of Health & Wellbeing

World Health Day

World Health Day 2022

World health day 2022 is on 7 April 2022, Thursday. 

Let’s start with the basic overview of world health day. You may ponder how world health day came into being, its importance, and how one should celebrate it? We are here to answer all your queries for world health day. Stay tuned! 

When was world health day started? 

Health has always been a significant concern for humans. For raising awareness and forming health reports, United Nations had developed an individual organization called World Health Organization (WHO). 

In 1945, United Nations was founded. Furthermore, they also formulated World Health Organization for addressing global health concerns.

In 1948, World Health Organization held the first World Health Assembly at United Nations, Geneva. World Health Assembly fostered World Health Organization. In addition, First Health Assembly also decided to celebrate world health day.

Indeed, in 1950,  health day was first celebrated on 7 April. Afterward, every year on 7 April, world health day is celebrated to raise awareness through the world health day theme, campaigns, policies, posters, and quotes. 

Endnote: World Health Day is celebrated on 7 April to mark the anniversary of WHO. 

Why is world health day important? 

World health day is celebrated for various reasons. Let’s talk about some of them. 

Raise Awareness 

The fundamental motto of  Health Day 2022 has constantly been raising awareness of health concerns. Every year, WHO comes forward with globally leading health concerns. Furthermore, government, non-government and private entities help in the cause of spreading awareness. WHO has always addressed the most perilous illness, from polio eradication to cancer treatment. 

Highlight Current Global Health Issues 

The world is constantly evolving and also becoming better. However, new diseases and health issues have come into being in the past decades. Covid 19 pandemic is a prominent example. Additionally, with every passing day, new epidemics are spreading widely. The only way to stay safe and healthy is to be aware of what you are dealing with. World health day 2022 highlights current global health concerns. From road safety to workplace safety issues, Health Day always highlights health issues’ core seeds. 

Lead Health Authorities for Crucial Concerns

World health day 2022 also leads health authorities for the upcoming and current health concerns. From the policymaker to private industries, it raises awareness for health and wellbeing. 

Work for Better Health & Wellbeing

With a clear thought, you can make better health conditions. The time had passed when a certain bacteria could kill hundreds of thousands of people. Nowadays, the modern world is facing mental health issues and a pandemic. Thus, world health day plays an essential role in making health and wellbeing conditions better.

World Health Day Theme 2022

World health day theme 2022 is our planet, our health. 

There is a theme for world health day that addresses core health concerns every year. This year’s  health day theme 2022 addresses human health connected with our planet’s atmosphere. Currently, the climate crisis can devastate human health and wellbeing. Moreover, the world health day theme focuses on keeping the earth clean and protected to stay healthy. 

The world has changed; hence we need to work on the betterment of our planet. Once, we had clean, pure air, but now this factor is depleting daily. To keep our tomorrow healthier, one needs to prevent the climate crisis and planet destruction. 

World Health Day Poster 2022

You can raise awareness through any medium, whether a poster or a campaign. This year, on world health day 2022, Ajmal Dawakhana has stepped up with a World health day poster 2022 to spread awareness for health and wellbeing.

World Health Day Quotes 2022

World health day 2022 is observed to raise awareness through quotes, posters, and campaigns. Moreover, Ajmal Dawakhana has come forward with world health day quotes 2022.

  1. Save Planet 
  2. Raise Awareness of Climate Crisis
  3. Focus on Health & Wellbeing
  4. Create Societies Focus on Wellbeing
  5. Clean Planet 
  6. Try Holistic Approach for Health Concerns
  7. Appreciate & use clean, renewable sources
  8. Let’s not pollute our planet
  9. Value your Mental Health & Wellbeing
  10. Prioritize economy driven by Wellbeing
  11. Raise Awareness of Health Concerns. 

World Health Day Manifesto 2022

WHO has come up with an official manifesto for the world health day theme 2022. The WHO manifesto highlights the vital focal point of the theme. There are certainly six steps to take for better health and wellbeing. 

1. Cherish & protect the sources of all human health, the natural world

2. Invest in vital life-saving sources

3. Quickly transition to clean, renewable sources of energy

4. Switch to a healthy & sustainable food system

5. Make all our cities & towns clean 

6. Shift from an economy driven by profit & pollution to an economy driven by fairness & wellbeing

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