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Joint Pains: Symptoms, Causes, Preventions By Ajmal Dawakhana

Joint Pains

The human body is the epitome of flexibility and adaptability with how it’s built to perform everyday tasks. Our bones and muscles adapt to the usage we put on them as they slowly become flexible to the exercise we propose upon them. The joints of the bones are what makes us capable of motion and movement.

Even during infancy, our parents encourage us to flex and stretch the joints before we start crawling and then walking properly. Why is that? It is because if we don’t make the best use of our limbs, we may as well just be vegetables.

Sooner or later, our joints start to betray us as they slowly get overused and begin causing discomfort. Joint pains are usually felt in the knees, shoulders, hip, and elbows, and sometimes they don’t necessarily require a doctor. But if the pain gets intense you are recommended to go and get a checkup as soon as possible. Aging is not necessarily the reason behind joint pains; there could be countless other explanations behind it.

But, don’t lose hope! Fortunately, there are endless natural ways to cure joint pains, some of which require nothing more than just to be made a part of your dietary plan. In this article, we hope to discuss various reasons behind joint pains and to analyze the answer to what is the best natural remedy for joint pain? So, stay tuned and keep on reading to see what we’ve got for you.

What Might Be The Reasons Behind Joint Pain?


This is the most common type of joint pain; usually, it occurs and happens to people above the age of forty. The reason behind it can be called ‘wear and tear’ as with the passing time, joints and bones start to deform and buckle. However, this might come earlier as a result of obesity because the abundance of weight is being pushed down on the bones and joints.

The science behind it is that the ends of your bones and the joints are covered in a slippery substance called cartilage, with time it starts to break down.

Sometimes, being overweight exerts indefinite pressure upon joints which causes the cartilage to break down. Anyhow, it causes difficulty in bending and stretching of the joints because cartilage used to make it easier but as of now, it’s left to nothing but crusty liquid. The pain due to arthritis and osteoporosis is majorly felt in wrists, hands, hips, and knees but it can also be seen causing trouble and discomfort in daily life activities. There are, of course, and fortunately, many natural remedies to treat this kind of joint pain which you’ll find out further into the article.


The most common cause of this kind of pain is an injury that caused your bursae to damage. It is the cautioning pads around the knee and the elbow joints, and the damage or injury might cause inflammation in it. The tear and damage in the kneecap might lead to swelling in the joint as well. The elbows, in contrast, are pretty much affected just by being constantly rested on hard surfaces. This is very common in people who spend a lot of time working on a hard desk, the constant force beneath their elbow causes the joint to tear sooner and the bursitis pain can be felt.

We are constantly told by our adults to sit straighter and not to slouch, one of the reasons behind it is the joints of the hips start to get affected. This is also called bursitis and is caused by bad posture. There could be several different causes of bursitis, such as an injury during sports or infections, and it can be chronic as well as sudden. However, it can be treated with various exercise patterns and other natural herbal remedies which you’ll learn about in this article.


It is a very dangerous autoimmune disease and a condition common in many Pakistanis, especially women of childbearing age. The signs start to develop in the youth and can be so, extremely painful. The reasoning behind lupus is not clear in the science and medical world, but it is indeed caused because of a messed up immune system.

This is the reason why people focus so much on good and healthy food intake in children because problems like these can occur out of nowhere. What happens is, the immune system starts affecting the bones and joints and causes inflammation to them along with many other organs including the brain. People with lupus are more prone to viruses and bacterial diseases because their immune system doesn’t fight it off.

Surprisingly and fortunately enough, all across the world, natural and herbal remedies are being used to treat and soothe lupus-related pain. This is because many natural spices and herbs are inclusive of compounds and properties which are effective in dealing with autoimmune diseases like this.


A lot of adults in Pakistan have been seen and heard complaining about their increased uric acid, mainly due to their diet. It is common in middle-aged men and women who are past their menopause, but it is dangerous and painful all the same. Gout is the condition which causes the joints such as toes and fingers to swell due to inflammation, it may feel like your feet or hands are on fire because of how much it hurts.

This needs to be treated urgently or else, the hard lump starts to build up around the tissues of your joints which lead to decay and deformation of the joints. This can be hereditary as well, but surely there are many things that you need to avoid in case of gout attacks. To lower down uric acid, several herbs need to be taken and have proven to be of great help.

Infectious Diseases:

There are many harmful infections out there that can easily leach on to your body and cause multiple damages. Our diet control is what the immune system depends on, which is our actual knight to fight off these infections. Some infectious diseases such as mumps, hepatitis, and influenza can cause multiple disorders in the body and also joint pain. During mumps, the complications may start to formulate inflammation in your joints which leads to painful, red, and swollen muscles and joints.

Similarly, during influenza, your body is experiencing extreme fatigue which could result in joint pains even at the slightest bit of movement. Also in hepatitis B and C, arthritis can be caused due to inflammation and lead to intense muscular and joint pains. There are many ways to get through this and you can learn more about What Is The Best Natural Remedy For Joint Pain if you know the reasoning behind it.


The organ system of the human body is more complicated than we can even comprehend, but the bone structure, too, has so many tiny details that can’t be easily ignored. Such as, tendons; they are slimy thick cords that connect the joints of the bones, sometimes due to over exertion and action they become irritated and inflamed. This causes tendinitis, a cause of joint pain usually common in athletes and sportspeople.

When an activity or labor is repeatedly done, the tendons become tired and start to burn and hurt your joints. It happens mainly in shoulders, joints, and elbows because they are the joint which is used again and again. It starts as a dull ache and then slowly spread to the whole injured area and sometimes, swelling may also be experienced. You can avoid the issue by changing positions and labor work eventually, but it can also be soothed through natural remedies using herbs and oils.


There could be several other reasons behind joint pains, some of them as simple to diagnose as an injury or an infection in the bone or joint. They can be treated medically and relieved through herbal medications and natural remedies. They are usually cured and operated on in a small-time. Some reasons can be as complicated as cancer, as the fatigue and immense complications make this condition even more vulnerable to other issues such as joint pains.

And lastly, some rare diseases and condition can be a cause of this such as fibromyalgia, a chronic and very difficult to diagnose illness, it is inclusive of muscular and joint pains as well as a halt in daily life activities due to fatigue. Moreover, rickets is also one of the most common diseases, especially common in Pakistani mothers, it is due to deficiency of Vitamin D, and all the nutrients lost during pregnancy. Many herbal and natural remedies are being sought to calm and cure these issues, and we hope to inform you and help you with them.

Why Is It Necessary To Take Care Of Your Joints?

Apart from a given, joint pains can be painful, there are many other reasons why joints should be taken care of. We, as young adults, do not understand the complications that come with aging as we blatantly ignore self-care and attention to problems concerning our health. Joint pains do not only cause a halt in your daily life activities, but they also lead to much other mental illness that comes with not being able to move and spending your day in a lazy laydown.

Joints pains are one of the most common reasons for increasing physical disabilities. Apart from daily exercise and proper set-time for a run or a walk, a change in your diet plan might be needed. Consuming food which isn’t good for your health in long term will not lead you anywhere, so be careful of what you eat. But, through some herbs and spices, you can make your daily diet exciting as well as healthy.

Why Should You Choose Natural Remedies Over Medicines For Joint Pain?

Sometimes, we run to our medicine box faster than it is required, and even when a more suitable and soothing reliever is present in our kitchen. You must let your physician and doctors know when you are aching and hurting, but at times it is not that serious. Consuming a lot of drug medicines can lead to so many side effects which can be hard and difficult to deal with. Majorly, the medicines for joint pains cause stomach pain, nausea, and other stomach related ails.

Anemia and headache are also one of the major side effects of these medicines. Anemia is a condition that causes a shortage of healthy red blood cells which leads to fatigue and weakness. Edema is also another side effect of these medications and causes swelling in the tissues. Sometimes, it leads to organ failures such as kidney damage and can be harmful if not treated instantly.

Natural remedies, on the other hand, come with much lesser side effects and can be relied upon. There are some cautions on the quantity which must be looked upon, but they are still much more instantly helpful and safer than commercialized medicines. Many doctors also recommend natural remedies for the problem of arthritis and in fact, they have proven to be very helpful. If you ask: What is the best natural remedy for joint pains? You’ll instantly learn how many things can help you find relief from the pain.

What Is The Best Natural Remedy For Joint Pain?

Ginger (سنڈھ):

The incredible superfood, ginger, comes with endless benefits. It may be consumed in food, or drinks, or even raw and it will still have something good to give to your body. It is superiorly known for its anti-inflammatory properties which makes it a subject of remedial herbs in this case as well. It is, in fact, effective in curing and providing relief from joint pains. It is also known to prevent bone deformation and damaging and is very good for the immune system.

But other than that, and most importantly, with its properties make it extensively beneficial in the treatment of arthritis. Only 4 grams of ginger can do the magic, and it can be added to tea as well as grated on food. It has amazing texture and flavor which makes it so much better than bitter-tasting drugs. Along with helping joint pains, it is very efficient in clearing the skin. Ingestion of ginger is easy; it will also help you with reducing the multi-toning of your skin.

Green Tea:

After a heavy meal, sometimes all we crave is a concoction to help with the uneasy feeling of being so full. Green tea is a common solution to our problems, while it is enjoyable and good to taste, it also has many health benefits. Fortunately for those who love green tea, it is of great help with arthritis of both kinds! Yes, the tea has several antioxidants which help in relieving the inflammation in the bones and the joints. This helps in soothing the pain and providing instant relief.

The green tea is available in so many different flavors such as cardamom, cinnamon, jasmine, etc. It is so easy to be made a part of your life, and even though it isn’t so commonly used in Pakistan as the incomparable chai, it is still superior in benefits. It is also a great solution to weight loss, and now you might wonder how weight loss helps in reducing joint pains. Well, the heavier the weight put upon the bones and the joints, the sooner they are going to tear. It is good to keep yourself fit and healthy for the sake of your body.

Turmeric (ہلدی):

The yellow powdery substance often found in our kitchen and desi foods, has so much more to give than just color and flavor. Turmeric has been used extensively in Ayurvedic medicines for a long time and has endless natural benefits. One of those benefits is the treatment for arthritis and joint pains, this is mainly because of its main ingredient curcumin.

It is full and packed with anti-inflammatory properties which are of great help when it comes to reducing inflammation in the joints and the muscles. It leads to a calm and soothing effect on the aching bones. For joint pains, it has been used in many ways for eons. It is best when added into milk and drunk warm because the warm milk also provides relief to the tendon. So the Haldi Doodh that our mothers are always insisting for us to drink is very beneficial for joint pains.

Nettle (بیچھو بوٹی):

The rare herb is usually eaten as a wild plant, drunken with herbal tea, and is also used in application on the skin. It is packed with anti-arthritic properties, and have been used with vitamin E and fish oil to cure arthritis. This is a very natural remedy and it can be consumed in food or it can be applied after excretion on the skin where the joints hurt.

It is also known as stinging nettle because it is covered in a sting like hairs, but in reality, those furs are full of anti-inflammatory properties which are of great help when it comes to soothing muscular pain or joint pain. Not only this, but the herb is very efficient in clearing up the skin from clogged dirt and making it clean and clear.

Walnuts (اخروٹ):

Nuts and seeds are the small but wondrous bounty of the Earth, they are packed with flavor and so many nutrients that are essential for our health. Walnuts are one of those very useful nuts as they are full of anti-inflammatory properties which make them a great relief for joint pains. They consist of omega-3 fatty acids which can reduce inflammation in the bones and can help in providing relief from arthritis. They can alleviate symptoms of arthritis, and are commonly used in diets of people searching for relief from joint pains.

Raisins (سوگی):

The sweet berry-like fruit is rich in fiber and has some amount of anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it a great help in alleviating arthritis symptoms. It prevents the joints from thickening and enables easy movement and motion between the bones. It also contains antioxidants that are soothing for the muscles, tissues, and tendons surrounding the joints. So, if taken raw or in a dish, raisins will help provide relief from joint pains.

Olive Oil (روغن زیتون):

The oil is full of antioxidants and compounds which have anti-inflammatory properties. Because of this, it is known to be extremely helpful in treating joint pains caused by arthritis. It helps in alleviating the inflammation in the muscles and the joints while providing ease and relief to the bones. It is very easy to be made a part of your dietary plan as it can be cooked and also used as a dressing in salad and sandwiches. The taste is also good, and it certainly is beneficial for health.

Along with this, the oil can be applied on hair too for lustrous and healthy hair. Olive oil is known as the queen of all oils because of its extensive health benefits.

Karakas (کمرکس):

This is a bitter and pungent herb with many incredible health benefits, another example of don’t judge a book by its cover. It is full of so many nutrients and it’s made up of bioactive compounds that have incredible properties such as anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidants, anti-cancer, and anti-arthritic. The herb has been widely used for medicinal purposes throughout India and Pakistan for centuries.

The thing which makes it useful in the treatment of joint pains is its capability to cure swelling, especially in the area of joints. It can help bring the body tissues back to normal and ease the inflammation in the tendons.

What Are The Herbal Medicines Available To Cure Joint Pains?

Akseer Salajeet:

The major component of this herbal medicine known as Suranjan Shirin is what makes it very capable and useful in the treatment of joint pains and severe bone aches. It cushions the bones and protects the joints, and has used the Unani system of being formulated. It is full of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and helps in instant relief from joint pains. It improves immunity and is also effective in supporting the nerve system.

Qurs Mafasil Khas:

This is a very useful herbal medicine in the treatment of bone aches and joint pains which is a very common problem across Pakistan. It eliminates the tingling sensation caused by pain and aches in the body, especially in the hands, feet, and legs. It is a herbal remedy to help in alleviating discomfort caused by joint pains. It is highly recommended and effective in the treatment of knee pain.

Majun Chobchini

This herbal medicine is made with Chobchini, also known as China Linn, and is very effective in relieving body pains especially joints pain as well as purifying blood. This tonic is recommended because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties. It also helps in lessening stiffness in the legs, due to knee pains. Not only this, but it also helps in reducing symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Majun Azraqi

This herbal medicine is very useful for people facing a complication in their health due to growing age. It is useful in curing many diseases such as epilepsy and cough, and extremely beneficial for curing arthritis. It has properties which are supportive to the nervous system and can be of great help during the winter season.

Joint pains can be dangerous as they bring a halt in daily life activities, make you dull and lazy and weak, in general. There are many ways joint pains can be caused and arthritis is one of the main reasons. But fortunately, the question of What is The Best Natural Remedy For Joint Pain has a list and a variety of answers.

All of the herbal medicines and herbs mentioned in this article are available at www.ajmal.pk; you can either visit Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan or place your order online. If the pain nears unbearable, you are advised to visit a doctor.

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