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Herbal Medicine for Skin Diseases-Ajmal Dawakhana

Skin Diseases

Skin diseases cause so much panic both in men and women when it starts. Especially women are more concerned about their external beauty and they are usually fooled by many bogus creams and solutions for removing pimples and face marks. Most of the people end up with a more situation of their faces. It is highly recommended, even in the case of natural treatment that you should consult with an expert. A herbalist or Hakeem will give you a well-detailed treatment plan for any skin disease. Below are some of the common skin diseases that men and women both face:


Pimples commonly appear during puberty when a child’s body turns into an adult body. A skin gland called the sebaceous produces an oily substance known as Sebum which sometimes blocks the pores on the skin. The blocked sebum has a bacteria called “Propionibacterium acnes” which is connected to acne. Acne is harmless on our skin when silent but if it starts reproducing it begins to feed the sebum that triggers an immune system response. This reaction leads to inflammation of the skin and spots appear. These spots then turn into pimples.


Generally, a boil is a limited area infection on the skin, which starts with only a reddened, warm area. After some time the infected area becomes more tender and hard. Ultimately, the boil opens from the center filled with pus. Eventually, the pus will form a small head like shape that can be opened surgically to drain the pus out from the skin surface. Actually, pus enclosed within skin tissue is known as an abscess. So, in this way a boil is also called a skin abscess. Boils can occur in the trunk, buttocks, face, extremities, or any other part of the body.

Itching and Pruritus

Itching is a common problem faced by every one of us in our daily life. However, severe cases of itching can be a very irritating thing to handle. Pruritus is a serious form of itching and it can occur due to many skin conditions, such as skin disease or mild skin infection, pregnancy, dry skin, and infrequently in cancer.

Pruritus can affect anyone, however, some people are more prone to it like:

  •    Suffering from eczema, seasonal allergies, asthma, and hay fever.
  •     People suffering from diabetes
  •     People suffering from various types of cancer and HIV/AIDS.
  •     Women during pregnancy
  •     Old age people

Herbal Medicine for Common and Severe Skin Diseases

Unlike allopathic medicines, herbal medicines are less hard and more effective by eliminating the root cause of the skin disease. Ajmal Dawakhana has produced a unique herbal medicine for curing all of the above-mentioned skin diseases called Habbe Rasaut Khas.

The medicine is also very effective in serious skin disease cases and has the ability to eradicate the root cause of the disease. It purifies the blood and prevents pimples, itches, boils, pruritus, and other skin related problems.

Additionally, Hab Ranaut is also widely used for hemorrhoids and hemorrhoid diarrhea, dysentery, and bleeding piles. The hemorrhoid is a condition in which veins in the anal canal become swollen. This is a common problem in the old and in those people who sit for a longer period of time at work daily.

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