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Everyone has once faced bleeding gums in their lives. If your gums bleed often then there’s something wrong with them. If you have a healthy mouth, you can have a healthy body and a healthy life. Well, the mouth is the access to the whole body. Do you know how many general health issues the unhygienic oral cavity can cause?

If you don’t follow proper oral hygiene, the food particles and bacteria start accumulating on your teeth. It forms a yellowish layer on the teeth’ surface and this yellowish surface is called plaque. So, what causes the gums to bleed majorily? How to stop gum bleeding? Which herb is effective for bleeding gums? What are the daily oral care routines to avoid bleeding gums?

If you’re looking for the answer to these questions, you must read this article till the end.


If you brush your teeth and there’s blood on them, it’s the signal to have a healthy oral routine. There’re certain bacteria that gather on the teeth and they secrete specific toxins. These toxins affect the health of mouth tissues, rendering them weak. This makes the gums swell, pain, and bleed.

This also causes the gums to turn red but you can treat this situation easily. Make sure to remove these bacteria through brushing and flossing habits.

But if you don’t make efforts to control this problem in its initial stage, bleeding gums can lead to a severe problem called periodontitis. Its results can be more dangerous, leading to the loss of teeth. So if you wanna know the trick for how to stop bleeding gums? Stay with us


Most of the people in China have faced the issue of bleeding gums. A survey conducted in China shows that 55% of the Chinese have oral problems.

The survey in Spain has shown that 20% of the population has sensitive teeth. People in Japan are also having problems with their oral hygiene. A study shows that 60% of the Japanese have yellowing of teeth due to plaque.


Due to the intake of carbonated drinks, flossing and brushing aren’t sufficient. We require a distinctive bleeding gum treatment. Let’s get to know about some herbs for bleeding gums treatment? You can get these herbs at the best online herb store. Stay tuned.

  • Mur Makki (Myrrh)

Mur Makki has antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties. Myrrh is an ancient herbal treatment and helps to heal wounds. It can be the resin extract that you can obtain from the bark of its tree. It is handy to treat swollen gums and bad breath.

  • Indian lilac (Neem)

Indian people use the shoots of neem to clean their teeth. Neem has medicinal properties. It’s very beneficial in oral hygiene.

You can also use Neem powder for the same purpose. Neem lessens the capacity of microorganisms (bacteria) to stay on the teeth and make colonies there. It helps in relieving the teeth pain and the swelling gums that lead to gums bleeding.

  • Kalonji (Nigella)

Kalonji is a pack of antibiotic and antiseptic properties. These seeds are very convenient for bleeding gums. It strengthens the teeth and stops the gums from bleeding. Kalonji seeds are rich in nutrients. They’re a source of vitamins and, the deficiency of the vitamin can cause gums to bleed. You can also use kalonji oil for oral hygiene.

  • Gond Kikar (Gum Arabic)

You can name Gond kikar, babool also. It’s a magical Ayurveda herb with a lot of medicinal benefits. Powdered babool is also available you can use to cleanse your teeth.

Many times people use gond kikar in the manufacturing of several kinds of toothpaste to strengthen the teeth. You can use the stems of gond kikar to chew (as miswak). This practice makes the muscles of the mouth healthy.

  • Munakka (Raisins)

Munakka honey is also valuable to treat oral health problems. The honey kills microorganisms (the bacteria). And Munakka promotes the growth of bacteria helpful for mouth health.

It heals the inflammation of the gums and removes the plaque. Munakka raisins is a treasure of calcium, potassium, and vitamin adding strength to the teeth.

  • Goldenseal

This is a sound source of antiviral properties. Goldenseal works as an antibiotic for mouth problems.

It helps the muscles of the mouth to settle due to inflammation. The roots and leaves of the herb are of great benefit in terms of medicinal use.

  • White Oak Bark

It’s commonly known for oral hygiene due to its anti-inflammatory features.

You can either take the white oak bar in powder form. You can use it in liquid forms also. Pills of the white oak bar are also available.

  • Peppermint

Peppermint is the most historic herb people use to throw away dental pain and bleeding gums. This oil is an essential element in doing this act.

It gives the sensation of relaxation and cooling to the muscles of the mouth. So,  peppermint is handy to relieve the pain in the gums.

You can use peppermint oil as a mouth wash for the expected results. It also helps to remove the plaque on the teeth.

reason for bleeding gum


  • Gingivitis

Gingivitis is the inflammation of gum tissues. You can be its victim if you lack oral hygiene. And also due to less tooth care routine. Due to this ignorance, plaque gets accumulated around the teeth.

This accumulation causes inflammation of the gums and, they start bleeding with a slight touch.

  • Orn Out Toothbrush

You need to have a proper brush that appropriately clears your teeth. It should be able to wipe out the plague. It causes the gums to bleed. You must change your toothbrush every 3-4 months to avoid oral problems.


Diet plays a necessary part in oral health. If you’re taking a diet deficient in vitamin C and K, bleeding gums and teeth loss are the results.

So you should have a proper diet to avoid these circumstances at first. Vitamin C helps in the formation of gum tissues. That’s why its deficiency causes bleeding gums.

Also, the diet rich in spices and the habit of eating hot foods troubles oral health. 43% of hot food eaters face many issues regarding the oral cavity. And 12% of spicy food eaters have a dental ulcer.


Sometimes, hormonal changes cause oral health disturbed. Most of the women during pregnancy face this issue. Their hormonal changes cause the gums to get red and, they bleed often. Also they feel pain while chewing.


If you’re brushing your teeth then, don’t be harsh. Brush your teeth softly and gently. Dental trauma may cause bleeding gums.


People facing Leukemia have bleeding gums. Some cancers also cause the human gums to bleed.

These disorders not affect human health but also disturb oral hygiene. And sometimes, we’re unaware of that.


Most of the bleeding in the gums is due to the infection in the gums. And certain bacteria are the reason of this infection. That causes the gums to swell and then bleed. It eventually leads to the loss of the tooth. All this affects your health for sure.

The cause of that infection may be an oral parasite or bacteria, or excess plaque residing there. To do away with all those agents, you must have a proper kit of tools to floss your mouth once a day. Then you brush your teeth properly.


If the condition of your mouth is not that severe, you can use some home remedies to do away with all oral problems like teeth pain, bleeding gums, and bad breath.


You need to possess good brushing and flossing habits to prevent bleeding gums. It’s the place from where you can start. Flossing is the clearing of the area between the teeth. It helps to get rid of bacteria or other infection-causing agents.


Take a small amount of salt and baking soda on your toothbrush. Then brush your teeth thoroughly. You can also mix ½ tablespoon of salt and a full tablespoon of baking soda and then brush the mouth to remove plaque. It’ll help to reduce the inflammation of the gums and the bleeding also.


The use of hydrogen peroxide increases the amount of O2 in the mouth. You can take 1-3% of hydrogen peroxide and mix it with ¼ cup of water. But don’t swallow this solution ever. It’s not safe to take in. Just rinse your mouth with this.


You can prevent bleeding of gums by following these tips. You should pay attention to oral health as it is essential for our general health too.

  • Brush your mouth twice a day properly, but gently.
  • Use a toothbrush having soft bristles.
  • Avoid excess sugar intakes (energy drinks).
  • Use herbal treatments for oral hygiene.
  • Don’t smoke.

The mouth is the doorway to anything that enters the body. So, oral hygiene is the foremost important thing in this regard. Due to ignorance of mouth muscles’ health and cleanliness, one can fall into many diseases.

Sometimes bleeding gums can even lead to a heart attack. But there are several herbs that have medicinal effects. Well, it can secure oral hygiene and treat bleeding gums. We’ve already discussed these herbs above. There’re some home remedies also to treat bleeding gums.

Sensitive teeth and gums are painful sometimes. The swollen gums start bleeding even with a slight touch. Important causes of bleeding gums may include gum infection, plaque accumulation, or sometimes harsh brushing.

If you lose your teeth, this means that you’re calcium deficient. Vitamin deficiency also plays a huge role in oral issues. Gums can also bleed if the orthotics you’re using aren’t of your size. Either they can lose to your mouth size, or they can be tight as compared to your mouth size.

You can use herbal medicines to treat all such problems. There’re several best online herb stores where you can shop your desired herb from the comfort of your home. Are you Unani dawakhana near me? Now you can visit Ajmal Dawa khana in Lahore or our website. You can buy your desired unani product.

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