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Using Arq-e-Gulab for Heart Health

Heart is no doubt a very sensitive organ of our body and we should take good care of it to avoid any severe heart diseases. There can be multiple factors for heart attacks. Various medical schools of thoughts like Allopathy, Homeopathy and herbal have their own way of treating heart diseases. The best is herbal method as it has almost no side-effects and offer perfect solution in the form of herbal supplements.

Unani Tibb Medicines

Unani (Greek) medicines are well known in the sub-continent and various other parts of the world. There is a special language of Unani Tibb, for example in Unani Jargon the vital organs of the body are called “Aza Raisa” and heart is one of them. The power that controls all the activities of hearing is called “Quwat Haivanya” in Unani Tibb. When this power is unable to meet the demands of normal heart functioning like increased blood supply then a heat stroke occurs. Severe chest pain is felt called “Wajul Qalb” (Unani Tibb term). The passage of blood in the heart is further clogged by “Sharain-e-Qalg” (heart arteries) or “Ghaliz” (thick and chronic matter) that shrink or block the blood vessels.

The Unani medicines neutralize the heart condition by controlling the heart stroke stimulating factors. This is done by the subsequent strengthening of the “Quwat Haivanya”, with the help of “Muqavviat Qalb (heart tonics) and “Muaseat Urooq” (medicines for opening coronary arteries).

Ajmal Dawakhana Arq-e-Gulab

Arq-e-Gulab is one of the most popular Unani Tibb medicine and is widely used to strengthen the heart. It gives energy and exultation to the heart, stabilizes the heartbeat and palpitation, satisfies thirst and give freshness to the body and also helps in recovering consciousness if someone is unconscious. It is quite effective for inflammation of eyes, redness, and irritation. It is also used for mild laxative particularly for children. Usually, Arq-e-Gulab is used for making the mind and heart fresh. But it has other exceptional heart strengthening qualities like it works as a mild cardiac and nervine tonic, make coarse skin and pores soft, a perfect moisturizer and makeup remover and also used for food flavoring purpose in the kitchen.

Ajmal Dawakhana is offering Arq-e-Gulab in its original form by following pure herbal manufacturing methods. You can find pure Arq-e-Gulab on Ajmal Dawakhana clinics in all major cities of Pakistan. Hakim Ajmal Khan Dawakhana certified hakeems are available in Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Sialkot and Faisalabad for consultation.

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