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Symptoms and Causes of High Blood Pressure and its Cure with Herbal Medicine

High blood pressure is one of the major health complications. This can be of serious nature leading to heart attack, stroke, or other severe health complications. It occurs when the pressure of the blood denotes the resistance power of the arteries and veins. This ultimately leads to various mental problems and even death can occur if measures are not properly taken.

Causes and Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

There are various reasons for high blood pressure. Before we go through the discussion of the symptoms of BP, let us take a look at the normal blood range. The normal blood pressure of an adult is 120 (systolic) / 80 (diastolic). Readings above this level can lead to serious complications and in that case, immediate medical treatment is needed. The readings of high blood pressure are divided into the following levels:

  • Prehypertension (120-139/80-89)
  • Borderline (120-160/90-94)
  • Mild (140-160/95-104)
  • Moderate 140-180/105-114)
  • Severe (160+/115+)

Now let us talk about the symptoms of this disease. Some of the causes are:

  • High cholesterol level
  • Hypertension
  • Excessive coffee consumption
  • Alcohol intake
  • Lack of exercise
  • Smoking
  • Obesity, high sodium-to-potassium ratio, low fiber diet, high sugar diet, intake of high saturated fat and low essential-fatty-acid
  • Diet lacking calcium, vitamins, and magnesium

Treatment of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure treatment is very costly. According to sources, this disease is present in every four out of ten individuals. Most of the time, the blood pressure can be of two forms: low blood pressure and high blood pressure. Both of these types are risky. Before considering the treatment of any of the two, we should know the reasons behind the blood pressure.

Talk to your doctor about developing an exercise program. Shed on some pounds and try your level best to find ways of how to treat the blood pressure naturally. In case, it becomes out of control, then you can consider herbal blood pressure treatment.

Avoid being a “weekend warrior.” Try your level best to squeeze all your exercise in on the weekends for enjoying a healthy lifestyle. High blood pressure can be treated with herbal medicine. There are various herbal medicines you can consider. The best thing about these medicines is that they contain lesser or no side effects.

Treatment of High Blood Pressure with Herbal Medicines

If you drink more than moderate amounts of alcohol then it can actually raise the blood pressure level. Not only you have to keep control over what you eat and drink, but also you should use herbal medicines which are said to be highly effective.

Ajmaleen 54  is an extremely effective medicine for patients who are suffering from high blood pressure. This includes some of the major and important herbs especially Rauwolfia Serpentina which has long been used by Hakim Ajmal Khan to treat the patients of high BP. The best thing is that this medicine carries no side effects, and has been the result of long time researches and findings. The medical professionals and scientists carried out various research projects before coming up with such wonderful medicine.

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