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Mud Therapy and the Role of Fuller’s Earth and Different Clays in Skin and Hair Care

Mud Bath Therapy has the ability to heal a person from many diseases as well as pure clay can heal the body.  Plaster of wet thick clay gives a lot of relief to the body and thus a person can be cured of many diseases. In this case, you do not have to spend much money.

Mud therapy is the cure for diseases like cancer, arthritis, blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke. In today’s age of modern science, man suffers from a variety of life-threatening diseases and has to go through various modern methods of treatment, but the patient has to spend a lot of money in addition to suffering from other side effects of drugs. However, mud therapy has no side effects and can cure major diseases without any side effects.

Mud Bath Therapy uses natural methods of treatment based on five principles such as soil, water, air, sun rays, etc. and as stated above, there is no risk of any side effects.

Healing Power of Mud Bath Therapy

There was a time when clay was widely used as a remedy, but now over the last century, it has been used again as a natural disease cure. Experts have found in various experiments that the properties of clay have an amazing effect on the human body that usually appears at night time. It creates freshness, vigor, and strength in the body. These experiments convinced experts that mud therapy acts as a natural bandage for wounds and skin diseases. The elements in the mud repair the body because the body is made up of a special combination of these elements.

Adolf Justin (1859-1936), one of the foremost experts in natural medicine in modern times, says that all diseases except today’s psychiatric disorders can be cured by simply getting into the habit of sleeping on the ground at night. If humans get closer to nature and make it their habit to sleep or lie on the dusty floor at night, then the fear of diseases found in them will automatically go away as the body will get rid of fatigue and tiredness by touching the ground. Agility and strength come to the body and after waking up; a new feeling of strength emerges in the body.

Walking barefoot all day (unless it is very cold) is an effective way to achieve good health and true happiness. Men can gain great strength from the earth by walking barefoot. In fact, everyone should try to walk as barefoot as possible on the field. However, in rooms with paved floors, one should wear slippers, etc., as walking barefoot on a Mud Bath Therapy has an adverse effect on the body.

Indigenous Americans Use Mud Bath Therapy

mud therapy

Indigenous Americans (Indians) gives great importance to soil healing (mud therapy). They believe that leaves and herbs have great healing power in the air. But if you look at the leaves and herbs, they all come from the soil. They bury their sick in the mud therapy up to their necks and take them out after a few hours. In this way, the disease of the patients is removed considerably.

Bury In the Mud Bath Therapy

Nature Cure physicians are using wet soil to treat a variety of ailments. Its use is increasing day by day. Wet soil has been found to be very useful for patients suffering from chronic inflammation (which is the result of internal diseases) and sprains. In addition to the use of mud therapy, the patient’s diet and some other factors are also taken care of Mud Bath Therapy.

Mud Treatment and Cold water Treatment

Mud treatment is superior to cold water treatment because the mud retains moisture and cooling for a relatively long time. The cool moisture of the mud widens the pores of the skin and draws the blood towards the outer surface, which reduces the accumulation of fluid inside the body and relieves the pain. Increases radiation expels weak substances from the body. The soil for making the mud pack is taken about ten centimeters below the ground level and care is taken that it does not contain gravel and other densities. Then a paste is made by mixing hot water in it and then it is spread on a piece of cloth. The size of this piece is according to the need of the desired part of the body. For example, the size of this pack to be applied on the abdomen (for adults) should be 20x10x25 cm Mud Bath Therapy

Effectiveness of Mud Bath Therapy

mud therapy

Mud packs have been found to be extremely useful in treating diseases related to general weakness and neurological disorders. Fever, scarlet fever, measles, and influenza have also been successfully treated with the use of mud packs. It also relieves various types of inflammations, eye, and ear ailments, arthritis, gastrointestinal diseases, kidney and liver disorders, diphtheria, nerve pains, sexually transmitted diseases, headaches, and toothache.

After tying the clay bandages on the body, they should be covered with flannel and woolen cloth. They should be applied for ten to thirty minutes. Because most of the pain is in the stomach, having a mud pack on it relieves many ailments, including various types of indigestion, gastrointestinal complaints. Mud packs should be used every hour or two to reduce the discomfort during childbirth. The part of the body to which the mud pack is to be applied is first thoroughly warmed by a tap for five or ten minutes. Then the mud is applied directly. Its duration varies from five to ten minutes depending on the desired result. Chronic pains, intestinal cramps, and back pain are also relieved by the cold and hot mud packs. Applying cold and hot mud packs removes bloating and intestinal obstruction Mud Bath Therapy.

Mud Bath Therapy

multani mitti

A mud bath is also a form of treatment, but its method is similar to that of a mud therapy pack. The only difference is that it is applied on a large scale, that is, all over the body. Before use, a paste is made by removing hard objects from the mud and mixing it with hot water. This paste or clean mud is spread on a sheet and tied around the body. Then one or two blankets are wrapped around it. It depends on the room and the temperature of the pack. After the mud bath, it is first cleaned with warm water. After a while, the patient is given a bath with cold water. Mud therapy bath softens the surface of the skin, increases blood circulation, and strengthens the skin tissues.

Repeated mud baths brighten the complexion, reduces or eliminates blemishes and smallpox. Itching, acne scars and even skin diseases like leprosy are reduced.

Use of Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti) for Skin Care

multani mitti in (mud therapy)

Fuller’s earth also known as Multani mud has been used by women for a long time and they have been using it for centuries in various ways to make their natural desire to look beautiful and attractive. Multani mud is the basis of almost every type of facial mask in which a good, suitable and natural mask can be prepared by adding different amounts of other ingredients. For example, almond oil, rose water, honey, egg white, milk, lemon juice, orange peel powder, and basin are used in different forms with Fuller’s earth.

As summer approaches, complaints such as acne, heat rashes, and pimples increase, but the mask of Fuller’s Earth has the traits to resolve all these issues. After reading this report, you too will be forced to accept the usefulness of Fuller’s Earth.

Calcium Bentonite or Fuller’s Earth is rich in minerals that have been used for skin diseases for centuries. Due to its high content of magnesium chloride, it penetrates deep into the skin, removes excess grease, eliminates black and whiteheads, and closes open pores of the skin. The skin looks free of rashes, blemishes, clean, and transparent.

If clear skin has become a dream for you, start using Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti) today, it will remove dead skin cells quickly. The skin breathes freely and looks healthy day by day. As it is granular in texture, it can also be used as a scrub, soaked in water, and used daily. For best results, crushed fresh mint leaves and lemons can also be added to it.

Keep the Skin Beautiful and Youthful

Fuller’s earth (ملتانی مٹی) has been found to be effective for all skin types. Especially for women with oily skin, the mask of Multani Mitti has proved to be ideal as women with oily skin should use dry items that have a higher oil absorption capacity. In Multani Mitti, nature has the feature that it also absorbs excess oil and greasiness from the skin.

It is important to clean the face before applying the mask. The purpose of cleansing is to remove the dust particles present in the pores of the face. Removing facial dust is important because it closes the pores on the one hand to prevent perspiration and on the other hand, affects the texture of the facial skin. After cleansing the facial skin, it is necessary to massage a little with the help of fingers with any cleansing lotion so that the skin becomes soft and the healthy ingredients in the Fuller’s earth mask are absorbed in the facial skin.

Makes the Skin Soft and Supple

With the onset of summer, it is common for the skin to develop scars and blemishes, but due to the effects of the sun’s heat, scars appear on the skin or the skin becomes dark due to the heat, and the face looks withered. In this case, the use of Multani Mitti makes your skin fresh and radiant; the ‘exfoliation’ component in it also protects the skin from the harmful effects of ‘suntan’.

The use of Multani Mitti with rose water removes suntan in a day while daily use of it protects the skin from the effects of sunburn.

Fuller’s Earth Is Very Useful For Hair Care

Fuller’s earth

Like facial skin, scalp skin is also sensitive and oily. The scalp skin needs as much care as the facial skin. Multani Mitti is very useful for dry, oily, and withered hair. Make a Multani mud mask twice a week and apply it only on the roots of your hair and after seeing the results you will add it to your routine.

Acne, Blackheads, and Whiteheads Can Be Eradicated

Acne, whiteheads, and blackheads affect everyone. These black and whiteheads on the nose look so ugly that women take a variety of facial treatments to get rid of them and pay a lot, but the problem remains the same. The solution to all these problems is in Multani Mitti, which is a very cheap and easy treatment. Multani Mitti slows down the process of oiliness on the face, and due to its anti-inflammatory components, it also eliminates white and blackheads, including acne.

Multani Mitti Also Eliminates Wrinkles

The use of Multani Mitti closes open pores, stops the formation of excess oil, and clears wrinkles on the skin. If you also suffer from wrinkles on your skin, use them regularly on a daily basis. The skin will soon be clean and free of wrinkles.

Multani Mitti Brightens the Color

No matter how many sunblocks are applied on the face and hands when going out in summer, all disappear from the skin in a couple of minutes due to sweat. If the skin becomes two-colored due to the sun rays, make a mask by mixing rose water and tomato pulp in Multani Mitti and use it regularly on the face, neck, hands, and feet in summer. This will make the skin clean and Even Tone.


White Clay

White clay has healing and antiseptic properties, promoting skin regeneration, cleansing, and healing. This type of mud is also used to treat acne or whiten the skin, as well as to improve blood circulation.

Green or Gray Clay

Green and Gray Clays are rich in silicon and zinc, which is why they have so many qualities and purity. For this reason, they are especially suitable for oil control, skin cleansing, and acne treatment. When applied to the body, they help improve skin elasticity and fight cellulite.

Red Clay

It is rich in iron oxide and is therefore indicated for the treatment of redness and facial pain. It has tensor active properties, and it also regulates blood and vascular flow. When applied to the body, it helps reduce sagging and activate microcirculation.

Yellow Clay

It is rich in silicon and potassium, with properties that improve the skin collagen. Due to this, the yellow clay works deep into the skin, helping to regenerate cells and fight skin aging. It is great for removing impurities and cleansing the skin.

Purple Clay

It is rich in magnesium, so it is ideal for improving the appearance of the skin, giving it a more youthful and radiant appearance. It contains ionic, stimulating, and nourishing action, which is used to detoxify the body, remove impurities and nourish the skin.

Jeju Volcanic Clay

A variety of clay containing volcanic clusters from an inactive volcano in Jeju Island, South Korea. Jeju volcanic clay is a super permeable, yet soft type of clay that smoothens permeable skin by pulling out sebum. Give a try to Jeju Volcanic Clay if your skin is oily, and experiences excessive sebum build-up.

French Green Clay

This type of clay basically has montmorillonite. French Green Clay is a plant-based mud packed with mineral deposits, it is unbelievably remarkable. It is also considered an implausible skin healer. French Green Clay is additionally helpful for rapidly improving blemishes and pimples. Its detoxifying properties make it a perfect cure for making toxins get drawn out from the body. Therefore, opt for it in case you have dreary, inflamed skin with pimples and scars.

Bentonite Clay

The most usually found clay is called Bentonite clay. It is an absorbent kind of clay that is obtained from ash left after a volcano eruption. When mixing it with water, the clay engorged, causing it to spread. This expansion of Bentonite clay causes its particles to charge which helps in absorbing negatively charged toxins from the skin. Bentonite clay, therefore, is excellent for deep skin cleaning purposes. Therefore, if you have oily, blackhead and blemishes on the skin that is always flaky, use a mask of Bentonite clay. For people with sensitive skin, it is recommended to avoid using this as the large amounts of lead in it can cause some serious skin damage.

Rhassoul Clay

Found in Morocco in the Atlas Mountains, this costly dirt is renowned for being a sumptuous part of spa treatment. Considering the way that it was utilized by the royals in Ancient Rome and Egypt, is there any good reason why it shouldn’t be? Excellent at drawing out pollutants and making pores cleaner, this clay is additionally incredible on the grounds that it doesn’t harm skin, all things considered. Truth be told, it contains so many skin-upgrading minerals, that it really mellow skin, and makes it gleam. Along these lines, use this in the event that you have ordinary or blend skin, with a look that appears to be dull and lopsided in light of clogged pores.

Kaolin or China Clay

Kaolin clay is also known as China clay that comes in a few colors, mainly white, yellow, pink, and red. White Kaolin Clay is the most well-known and is placid of all these clays, and ideal for exceptionally sensitive and dry skin. Placid than different clays, Kaolin clay is the most ideal alternative for delicate skin. On the off chance that you have sensitive skin yet need a touch of pore purging, choose yellow Kaolin clay. In the event that your skin is sleek and skin inflammation inclined however sensitive, try the pink Kaolin clays, of which the red is the most grounded. Like Fuller’s Earth, it comes as a powder that should be made into a paste before applying.

Dead Sea Clay

Dead Sea clay, similar to other clays on this rundown, has huge pulling activity and does cleanse the skin. Nonetheless, that is the least of this miracle clay’s numerous traits. Like an all-in-one facial, this earth can improve skin wellbeing, treat skin conditions, and make your skin look healthy and gleaming. Dead Sea clay is full of minerals that nourish and saturate. It also can plump skin and improve elasticity, so it looks new, smooth, fresh, and glowing. These properties of Dead Sea Clay make it an excellent choice for both mature oily skin and dry skin.

French Rose Clay

A sort of kaolin clay, French rose clay is sallow pink clay that isn’t exorbitantly absorbent. Hence, its delicate purging properties are unbelievable for sensitive skin. Thus, you might not need to use this on your clogged and oily parts of the skin.

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