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How To Control Uric Acid Permanently

We are always worried about taking care of our outward appearance, always tying new tricks and techniques to stay fit from the outside and presentable to those who look at us. But oftentimes, we forget that what’s crucial is the inner health of our body, sometimes the internal systems need extra care to function properly. how to control uric acid permanently. One of the most integral parts of the body is the circulatory system which is essentially dependent on the most important bodily fluid – blood.

We need to take precautions and actions to keep our blood healthily regulating throughout the body while performing its functions efficiently. However, it isn’t as easy as it sounds because there are several other bodily fluids and compounds mixed in the blood which can cause an imbalance and lead to ceaseless diseases.

One of such ailments is the increase in uric acid, it is a waste product of the food intake which is found in the blood. When we consume food, there are several chemicals that are broken down to go and place themselves in their respective organs. One of such chemicals is purines, breaking it down created uric acid which needs to dissolve in the blood and leave the body in urine after passing through the kidney. However, foods rich in purine can cause an excess of uric acid which leads to several harmful effects on the human body. How to control uric acid permanently.

It is extremely dangerous for too much uric acid to stay in the body because that leads to a medical condition known as hyperuricemia. This converts uric acid into crystal forms which then settle in the joints and bones leading to very painful, joint pains or arthritis. Not only this, they can settle in the kidney and form kidney stones. There are several other diseases that can follow an excess of uric acid in the body and hence it should be treated as soon as possible. You must read this article if you are interested in knowing How To Control Uric Acid Permanently And How To Lower Uric Acid Levels Fast.

Symptoms Of Uric Acid Increase In Body:

1. Kidney Stones:

It is a known fact that kidney stones, no matter how common in occurrence, are severely painful and also extremely uncomfortable. Uric acid in access can lead to the formation of crystals which end up settling in your kidney, sometimes they can be passed down through urine but it is still very painful. However, sometimes they become big enough to clog your urinary tract which not only causes extreme aches but also increases uric acid further because of low urinary discharge. It is not easy to live with kidney stones because of aching back, abdomen, kidney, and even groin. How to control uric acid permanently.

It causes uncomfortable nausea and an augmented urge to urinate. Becomes more difficult when there are pain and difficulty involved in urinating because of the stones and blockage. Even if your pain tolerance is too high, you will find it strange to see blood in foul-smelling urine – another symptom of kidney stones due to increased uric acid. The distress doesn’t end here because the stones can cause an infection in the kidney which can cause fever, but more worryingly, the store of urine in the kidney starts breading bacteria which further causes tract infection.  So, if you are facing any such problem you must get yourself checked up and in case you have kidney stones make sure your uric acid is balanced. If not, then you must start taking precautionary measures necessary to know How To Control Uric Acid Permanently.

2. Gout:

You might know it as a different name of gouty arthritis but it is a very usual ailment present in a lot of older population of Pakistan. Around a quarter of the people with hyperuricemia are known to have this condition called gout. it can cause sudden attacks of severe pain, redness, and swelling in the joints and can cause the joint to damage because of tenderness. It can happen in feet, ankles, knees, and elbows but mostly starts from the base of the big toe.

It can be triggered if there is a rapid drop in uric acid levels. Some people complain of chronic gout which causes extreme pain and aches in the joints for a certain period of time. The attack can occur out of nowhere, mostly in sleep, and can last up to 12 to 14 hours. Not only do gout attacks cause severe pain to your joint, but they also cause the joints to stiffen and creates difficulty in moving and functioning properly. Along with redness and swelling, the joints may be deformed over time if it is not treated as soon as possible. This is a very serious condition and it takes years to be properly treated and so it is better for you to know How To Lower Uric Acid Levels Fast before it becomes too late.

Reasons Behind Increased Uric Acid Level:

1. Kidney Dysfunction:

This means that the kidneys are not doing a proper job of removing uric acid from your body, and thus it ends up mixing with blood and traveling to organs where it isn’t needed. Kidneys need to eliminate the acid through your urine. There are many reasons which may be stopping kidneys from performing their function efficiently. Fatty and purines rich foods can cause a slow-down in removal because they make the blood thick and harder to purify. To avoid this, you must be aware and alert of what you are eating.

2. Being Overweight:

The problems of being overweight seem to never end, it is something that puts a lot of us in misery. One of its side effects is in fact, increased uric acid. The fluid which was supposed to be transported out through the kidney is we disrupted because the excess body weights cause a halt in proper and efficient performance of the said organ. Not only does it increase uric acid which is trapped in the body, but it also increases the risk of contracting gout and arthritis.

There are several studies that proved that the heavier the people, the more prone to gout they are. Obesity, on the other hand, increases hyperuricemia due to excessive production of urate and a fall in renal clearance. This is why you must put more focus on how to maintain your health while understanding the difference in being overweight.


The reasons behind this issue are still being discovered because of how vastly it is impacted due to a small mistake. One of the reasons is excessive alcohol consumption because it has ethanol which increases the production of uric acid which further increases lactic acid. Moreover, diuretics might help treat high blood pressure but these water pills cause an increase in urine which requires the kidney to function faster to encourage purity in the blood.

However, an increase in urine production brings along an increase in uric acid. Moreover, you must not take purine-rich food because they stimulate the production of uric acid. You can learn more about foods to avoid in order to prevent increased uric acid furthermore into this article.

Why And How Is Uric Acid Dangerous?

Our health is our greatest treasure and we must protect it like one. Any ailment or disease, if prolonged, can lead to disastrous consequences. Uric acid, too, can be extremely dangerous if not treated properly on time. This is because if untreated, it can lead to damage to bones and joints permanently. The tissues around the joints will also be harmed due to high uric acid levels. Moreover, it will lead to kidney diseases and in the long run cause ceaseless heart diseases. Slowly and eventually, the unwanted body fluid will travel to places it isn’t supposed to and according to the previous record, it is a cause of diabetes, HBP, and even liver diseases.

Not only hyperuricemia causes uric acid to collect in many parts of your body, it is a cause of kidney stones and gout. These are two extremely painful situations that are triggered by high uric acid the most. To get a proper grasp of this condition, you might want to know at what level the uric acid may be high, so the top of the normal range is 7.0mg/dL and if you see a digit above this then you might face the consequences of hyperuricemia. These, and many more, are the reasons why you must get your uric acid checked frequently and work on a proper diet plan to lower uric acid levels fast.

Why Is Uric Acid More In Males Than Female?

Women indeed have a lower level of uric acid than males and there could be several reasons for that. There are several gender-related factors that might cause differentiation. The women species are known to have higher plasma estrogen which is a great catalyst in promoting the excretion of uric acid. Moreover, women tend to have a higher renal clearance of urate which makes the emission of this acid much easier.

Male, on the other hand, are at a loss because their eating habits have a greater impact on the risk and threats related to hyperuricemia because of their lifestyle, transportation method, and most importantly, exercise. However, in Pakistan, there is almost an equal number of females and males who go through this ail.

Side Effects Of Non-Herbal Medicine Taken For Uric Acid:

There are several problems that can be caused by medicines taken for Uric Acid, and that is why it is important to tackle it with the help of natural remedies. You might be looking for a way to know How To Control Uric Acid Permanently but the following are some examples of problems which you might face for taking drug medicines to treat hyperuricemia:

1. Liver Infection:

Not only do these drugs cause severe liver dysfunction, but it can also lead to liver failure. If it is excessively taken the liver might be damaged beyond repair and it may become fatal. Taking the medicine before the liver test can cause changes in the results and your doctor might stop you from taking any more of it because of liver injury.

2. Severe Skin Rash:

These drugs can cause swelling and redness in the face, they may also close up your throat. So if you are taking these and face trouble in breathing or have an uncomfortable feeling of itch on your face, immediately stop taking this. All this is a sign of severe, life-threatening skin rash.

3. Fluid Intake:

Even when you are taking these medicines, make sure your intake of water is efficient, at least 14 glass a day. This is very crucial for you to urinate properly. You may want to measure your urine, it is a precaution every patient of uric acid has to take and the measure should be at least 2 liters. This will prevent uric acid crystals from forming in your body and from blocking the flow of the urine.

4. Drowsiness:

Taking these medicinal drugs for the treatment of Uric Acid can cause drowsiness and sleepiness and hence, you must avoid performing risky everyday tasks such as driving and using machinery. Try to keep yourself alert by taking energizing herbs and spices such as Ginseng | جنسنگ, and Peppermint | Sat Pudina | ست پودینہ.

How To Cure Uric Acid Naturally:

1. Ginger | Sund | سنڈھ:

The issue of uric acid is linked with inflammation and problems such as gout is also a result of the inflammatory condition of the body. Ginger is an excellent remedy for such problems, it is indeed a superfood when it comes to food and herbs that have anti-inflammatory properties. It has abilities to clear out the blood of its impurities, including uric acid, and it also is an excellent herb to help in relieving gout attacks. You might want to take in some ginger tea to relieve yourself of aching joints due to uric acid in gout, it is known to have soothing properties.

Furthermore, this herb is efficient enough to reduce Serum Uric Acid levels in your body when taken with low-purine foods. One herbal remedy to make use of this spice is to compress ginger or make its paste in boiling water. Then you might want to soak a towel in the boiled mixture and press it on the aching area. Doing this activity for 25 minutes daily will reduce pain in your joints.

2. Turmeric | Haldi | ہلدی:

Turmeric is a spice used in several desi dishes and has amazing health benefits. Not only does it help with relieving aching joints due to uric acid in gouts, but it also has properties that help in lowering down uric acid levels in the body. Using this herb as a home remedy can help you effectively get rid of gout because of its active chemical known as curcumin. It has significant antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which help in alleviating the pain in joints and bones.

This also helps in easing out inflammation in the joints by lowering down the uric acid through absorption. What you might want to do is make a pleasant drink with the use of Apple Cider Vinegar, some Lemon Juice, and powdered turmeric. All three of these have soothing properties and work as a stimulator in the release of uric acid from the body, especially lemon. The vinegar helps in protecting and cleansing the kidneys which keep them functioning efficiently. This drink is very safe and can be enjoyed two to three times a day, without any bodily harm.

3. Dill | Soya | سوے:

It is a well-known spice, or herb, in Pakistan used for culinary purposes. But it also has amazing medicinal benefits which have made it extremely popular in traditional home remedies to cure uric acid. The main compound in it known as Luteolin is brimming with anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing nitric oxide production from the body. These seeds have been widely used to treat urinary issues and are present in many medicines for urinary infections and such.

Using these seeds is beneficial because they reduce the ache and pain in the body because of uric acid while simultaneously cleansing the kidneys of excessive acids. You can take these raw with water for best effects but they can also be cooked with food for flavor and health benefits.

4. Globe Thistle | Mandi Booti | منڈی بوٹی:

This is one of those ingredients which you might put at the back of your kitchen cabinet, wondering if you’ll ever use them. But thistle has several health benefits and is very useful for liver health, this is why it is very much recommended to be taken by those who are using medicines to lower uric acid. Not only this, this herb has properties that lower down uric acid and prevents the kidneys from damaging/ the herb is beneficial for the nervous system but also useful in regulating blood flow. This helps in keeping the blood clean and putting a stop to impure acids from forming in the blood.

5. Nettle | Bichho Booti | بچھو بوٹی:

This is an amazing herb when it comes to the treatment of urinary infections and other urine related problems. It is usually taken as tea – nettle tea – to have the best positive impact on the infection. The treatment is done through the anti-bacterial properties of this herb, all the impurities and bacterial infections are flushed down from the urinary tract. Not only this, it is a herbal remedy to reduce inflammation on the joints because of uric acid in gout, it alleviates the pain and provides soothing to the aching area.

It is traditionally used for a long time and has shown properties that allow it to be beneficial in the protection of kidneys. It is recommended to be taken along with uric acid medications because they tend to damage vital organs like kidneys and liver while such herbs are known to have the opposite and positive counter effect. You might want to make a naturally good tasting tea of the nettle by brewing it in a cup of warm water. It can be taken up to 3 cups per day and has an excessively beneficial impact on urinary health.

6. Neem | نیم:

This bitter plant seems to have never-ending health benefits, and one of its amazing properties come in handy in the treatment of uric acid too. Yes, neem is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and is amazing at soothing down joint pains and aches induced by gout flare-up. As it must not be consumed because of its poisonous compound, a paste of neem have been used to treat affected are by gout for since long. This herbal remedy has been proven beneficial and you might want to try NEEM OIL | NEEM KA TAIL | نیم کا تیل for more instant use.

Herbal Medicines For Uric Acid:

1. Majun Suranjan:

This is an effective herbal medicine widely recommended to cure gout, sciatica, and rheumatism. It is known to flush down uric acid from the blood and expel the excess of acid preventing it to settle in the joints. The use of this herbal medicine will also help in relieving and alleviating the bodily pain caused due to increased uric acid and it is beneficial in soothing aches in the feet, ankle, and the big toe. This pain is quite common in patients with high uric acid and these medicines treat them efficiently.

2. Roghan Taskeen Dard:

This herbal medicine is an effective treatment in curing body pains and aches caused by an increased uric acid. It is efficient in the treatment of gout. Not only this, it is brimming with soothing properties which help in alleviating discomfort from muscle pain of the back, neck as well as chest pain.

3. Majun Azraqi:

This herbal medicine has several benefits, it cures arthritis and treats different kinds of joint pains which includes bodily aches due to increased uric acid. It has, even more, uses in the treatment of epilepsy, paralysis, and cough but it very useful in strengthening the nervous system during cold weather.

4. Dawa-I-Pathri:

As we know that high uric acid can turn into crystals and settle in the kidney causing the condition known as kidney stones. You can use this herbal medicine for its treatment, it is efficient in breaking down those crystals and excreting them through urine. It makes sure that they are gone for good and do not leave a risk of future recurrences. It also works to alleviate the pain caused in the kidney and the bladder due to the stones.

Uric Acid can indeed be a severe health problem that may leave you demotivated and tired. But you must not lose hope because there are several safe and natural remedies which can help you in finding relief from this problem. The trusted source for these herbal medicines would be Dawakhana Hakeem Ajmal Khan, you can purchase these at a reasonable price from their online store as well. We are sure this article must have been useful in understanding all about uric acid and knowing How To Lower Uric Acid Levels Fast.

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