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Hijama (cupping therapy) is the most popular and ancient process of purifying blood, body tissues, and organs. If you’re in search of explanations like what’s cupping therapy? How hijama benefits the body? What’re the different types of hijama? How hijama eliminates the wastes and toxins from the body? What should we eat and avoid for cupping therapy? Furthermore, what’re the dos and don’ts of hijama? Good news for you! We’re gonna clarify all your queries. Let’s dive into the benefits of cupping therapy

Therapists employ cupping therapy cups, either heated with fire or having manual pumps. Therapists place these cups on your skin for a specific time (for few minutes). Meanwhile, it creates a suction.

The suction creates a vacuum and, the skin moves into this vacuum due to pressure generated there. Afterward, the blood also flows there. Here the filtration occurs. You can remove all the toxins in the blood through the skin. Well, you can also get rid of thin blood cells.

Hijama benefits the body by removal of stagnant toxins from the blood. By this therapy, not only do your muscles get relaxed, the whole body feels the change due to the excretion of wastes from them. Muscles become more active and, their efficiency also increases.

This therapy not only benefits a man physically but also helps the emotional and mental stability too. You feel light weighted and relaxed after hijama therapy. 


There’re mainly three types of cupping therapy. These are:


In this cupping therapy, the expert uses special cups. They employ massage oils for dry cupping therapy. 

After the massage, the therapist places the cups on your skin. Well, you don’t need any surgical cuts or incisions. It involves suction only.


This hijama therapy uses glass cups. Firstly, therapists soak a cotton ball in alcohol and then ignite it using the gas lighters. Then heat the cups with fire and immediately place them on the skin. These cups create suction.

Finally, the therapists place suction cups for some minute areas and then remove them. This technique leaves marks on the skin that disappear after some days automatically. In brief, Hijama benefits prevent fever, cold and detoxify the body.


Wet cupping therapy involves both suction and incision. Therapists use special cups over several surfaces of skin to ensure hijama benefits. Then creates pressure to get the toxins and wastes out from specific areas under cups.

Next, the therapist removes the cup and makes minor cuts called incisions. And again, puts the cupping therapy cups on that area of skin. After some time, when waste blood is out of the body, the therapist removes the cup.

Only experts are allowed to do, and the method requires a sterile environment strictly.


Hijama benefits the body by rectifying flu, depression, and anxiety.

Cupping removes the toxins from the blood and clears interstitial fluids, especially the lymphatic system. The benefits of cupping therapy are strengthening the immune system of the body. It also keeps the homeostasis of the body in balance.

Truly, the loss of blood from the body in any way is beneficial for the individual. It promotes the formation of new blood cells that are fresh and toxic-free. Hence, it makes the body healthy.

Hijama therapy helps in increasing blood circulation. It also removes stagnant viruses and fats from the body leaving. Well, it is also clean and stress-free.

The benefits of cupping therapy is a cheap, reliable, and time-saving technique. You’re going to have a great chance to make your body free of all illness-causing agents by using the most effective therapy.

Hijama therapy relieves you from the pain in the body and alleviates the other issues of visceral organs (liver, kidney) by removing toxins. 


Hijamah benefits the skin by increasing the number of new blood cell formations. It causes the skin to glow. Well, it also removes acne spots and the fine lines on your skin, rendering it healthier.

Facial hijama keeps the skin of your face tight and improves collagen production. The cups therapists use for facial hijama are soft. Also, the cups therapists use for it are mostly silicon cups. These cups can move on the skin, leaving a massage effect.

Dry cupping therapy is the process you can use if you’re having acne and pimples issues.


The cupping therapy of the brain or head is also effective in treating several brain disorders like migraine and coenocytes. Studies have shown that 66% of migraine diseases have been treated by using wet cupping therapy.

You can cure genital disease in men through the head. Furthermore, it also deals with spondylosis and vertigo.


Hijama benefits include weight loss. Hijama therapy also lessens the excessive and inefficient lipids stored in the body. The therapy elevates digestion, hence treating constipation and diarrhea.

They’re specifically designed cups to lose weight. You use these cups by doing massage on the body part, where you wanna, lose weight.

Mainly the cupping therapy improves the metabolism of the body. Hence, the increased metabolism causes reduced weight. There’re massage oils also for treatment.


Back pain is something that disables you from any physical activity. Not only it makes you psychologically weak. You find yourself dependent on others too. Wet cupping is the most reliable you can do to treat it.

Wet cupping therapy relieves you from severe back pain due to any reason. It ensures a better nervous system. 

It lessens back pain, neck pain, and stiff muscles due to wastes accumulated there. The therapy also prevents fatigue.


Wet cupping therapy helps you to make your bones and joints strong and healthy. If you’re having any joint pain, you can treat it with hijama. Follow all the sessions recommended by the therapist for better results.


There’re some tools that an expert cupping therapist uses to aid the cupping therapy process. These include the following.


Therapists use suction cups in cupping therapy to create the vacuum. The skin tissues and the wastes move to the vacuum. From here, these wastes excrete out if you’re doing wet cupping therapy. The cups are either made of silicon, glass, or plastic. The purpose of each cup is distinctive


Sometimes, people use manual pumps to create a vacuum in the caps, mostly in dry cupping therapy.


In dry cupping therapies, cupping therapists perform massage. And they use massage oils as a lubricant.


After having wet cupping therapy, you have some incisions. To treat them, you can use olive oil. Olive oil is best to cure injuries and relieve pain. Do you want 100% organic oil? Search for herbal shop near me. And get what you want. You can also get it on the ajmal herbs section as well.


The person performing cupping therapy should wear gloves to make sure a sterile environment.


The pins are used to do incisions. A therapist must sterilize these pins before use to ensure nutritional therapy.



  • Drink plenty of water before going for hijama.
  • You should avoid eating heavy meals before cupping therapy.
  • Well, you can eat vegetables, fruits, and fish after cupping therapy.
  • You can take green tea for its health benefits.
  • Don’t eat red meat.
  • Avoid taking bathe immediately after cupping therapy.
  • Combat taking soft drinks before and after cupping therapy.

Hijama is the practice of our Holy Prophet (PBUH), and it’s the most practiced technique in antiquity. 

Hijama benefits involve the excretion of waste blood and toxins from the body to increase the efficiency of body organs. The types of hijama therapy and the location of practice vary on the problem you have. It also helps to remove the extra fats that cause obesity.

If you don’t have any physical health issues, the therapy can still help you be strong emotionally and psychologically. It allows you to get rid of anxiety and depression. You feel so relaxed and comfortable even after a single session. Therefore, it adds peace to your life. Hence benefits of cupping therapy are many. 

Cupping therapy’s results are visible after taking the desired number of sessions. Not only can a one-time treatment do wonders. You have to follow the advice of the expert.

In the Unani medicine list cupping therapy is a type of treatment that ensures a healthy human being. While doing hijama, hygiene is the essential thing.

Therapists should examine the cups for cupping therapy should be sterilized. They should also wear gloves.

Not everyone is an expert in doing the therapy. Visit the most reputed herbal shops near you for better results.

Hijama is not suitable for everyone. So, one should do a visit to his physician before hijama.

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