Dawakhan Hakim Ajmal Khan


Hakim Wasil Khan (1838 – 1898)

Wasil Khan was the dearest of the three sons to Hakim Mahmood. This pampering did not allow him to turn to education and the whole time of his beginning was devoted to wrestling. At the age of twenty, his father turned his attention to Tibb in a different way. And after a few years of struggle in Tibb, he achieved perfection. 

He also invented some herbal medicines and was the physician of many states.Nawab Sahib of Dir state always preferred him for the treatment. Apart from Tibb and calligraphy, he was also fond of poetry. 

He also used to associate with Dagh and his disciples. The famous hadith scholar Sayyed Anwar Shah Kashmiri had received his medical education from him. He was died in 1950 and buried in the family cemetery with his father and brother.

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