Dawakhan Hakim Ajmal Khan


Hakim Sadiq Khan (1771 – 1848)

Sayyid Abd al-Hayyi Al-Hasani has named him as “Alsheikh al-Fazil” and Sir Sayyid as “Tabeeb Iswi Rawish.” Signs of good fortune and happiness were evident from his childhood. He received his early education at home and later benefited from other teachers as well. He also studied Tibb first from his father and then from other teachers.

His publication “Sharah Tashreeh Aazae Murakaba” gained more popularity in your writings. It is a medium-sized book written in eloquent Arabic that has long been part of the curriculum of Madrassa Tibbia. Unfortunately, Maulana Abdul Hayyi did not mention this in Nazhat-ul-Khawatir. Another important publication of Hakim Sadiq Khan is “Zad-e-Azib” which is about Tibb. Other publications by Hakim Sadiq Khan include Kuliyat-e-Khurd o Kalan, Khawas ul Adwiya, Makhazin e Taleem, and Tareeq-e-Taleem Tiflan.

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