Dawakhan Hakim Ajmal Khan


Hakim Mehmood Khan (1819 – 1893)

Hakim Ghulam Mehmood Khan was an orthodox and traditionalist. Etiquette and priggishness were the ways of his life. He was behind maintaining the traditional civilization of Delhi. He wore Angrakha and a turban. He had reached the mastery position in his father’s life. Zia-ul-Absaar, Qanun-e-Sharifi, Karnama-e-Ishrat, and Matab Mehmood Khan are his well-known publications.

His clinic was always crowded with patients and was very famous in Delhi. Patients came there from all over India. Additionally, patients from Afghanistan, Turkestan, Iran, Iraq, and Arabia also visited his clinic. It was always like a festival in his clinic, but he was very strict with his rules. He prescribed always low-cost medicines to his patients.

His medical publications include Hashiya Qanoon, Sharah Hamyat Qanoon, translation of Kuliyat Qanoon, Sharah Mojiz Alqanoon, Hashiya Nafisi, Asrar ul Ilaj, Hadood ul Amraz, Dastoor ul Fasad, Ajala Nafia, Rasala Khawas ul Jawahir, Tohfa Alam Shahi, Taleef Sharifi, Mufaridat e Hindi, Fawaid e Sharifiya and Ilaj ul Amraz are important. One of your great works is the Urdu translation of the Holy Quran which was written at the request of Shah Alam II.

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