Dawakhan Hakim Ajmal Khan


Hakim Abdul Majeed Khan (1838 – 1901)

Abdul Majeed Khan was born in Delhi. His surname was Abu Saeed. He was educated by Maulana Muhammad Ali Chandpuri and Mianji (Nazir Ahmad Mohaddess Dehlavi). He studied Tibb from his family elders, and learned medicine from his father, and started teaching and treatment in his father’s life. He treated many great names of Jews and Muslim scholars. He was also associated with Muslim celebrities. Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi had studied Tibb from himself. The author of Nazhat-ul-Khawatir has mentioned to you by the names “Ajaib-ul-Zaman” and “Mahasin-ul-Hind”.

He charged rupees thousand for checking patient outside Delhi, but nothing was charged from patients inside Delhi.

A gentleman came for a checkup just to evaluate his eligibility. He described all his history and explained everything. He asked for the treatment and Hakim Abdul Majeed refused and said you came to test me not for the treatment.

Once the plague broke out in Delhi and the government set up camps outside the city to relocate the affected. He stopped the people in town and said that I will treat everyone here.
After that, with the help of his students, he treated people so successfully that the authorities were left staring in his face.

On such services, the government entitled him as “Haziq-ul-Mulk”. He accepted this title on the condition that this title would not be given to anyone other than his family.

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