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5 Preventive Measures To Avoid Cough and COLD During Winter Season

COLD and cough are largely get spread around by minute living organisms and furthermore, infection tainted small droplets coughed or sneezed back into the air. Around 200 various types of cold viruses around the world that may contaminate you with cough, COLD, and influenza. A large amount of money is generally spent every year on over-the-counter cold and cough medicines. Usually, every adult develops somewhere close to two and five COLD diseases time after time, while most children get about five to ten COLD infections every year.

Therefore, here are a couple of exceptionally successful and productive tips for preventing COLD and cough infections;

1. Wash Your Hands

COLD viruses including influenza virus, are spread with direct physical contacting than by some other ways. The main thing that you can do to avoid these seasonal infections and viruses is to wash your hands regularly by using hand sanitizers or liquid soaps or possibly with an antimicrobial cleanser. Try not to touch your eye area and your nose if you haven’t washed your hands.

2. Stay Hydrated

The body works by consuming water to truly eliminate the toxins in the blood. In case you are experiencing COLD and cough, you need to try some fresh juices like orange juice and apple juice to stay hydrated. These juices also act as COLD and cough suppressants. This is the best technique to get vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system against viral diseases.

3. Eat Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

Green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, Kale, Beet Greens, and alike offer health benefits, and the multivitamins found in these green leafy vegetables can help defeat viral infections. Additionally, they improve the overall immunity system of the human body. Similarly, citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, and grapefruit also help in boosting the immunity system. Raw onion also plays an important role in disposing of the sputum from the body.

4. Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep at night also provides remarkable health benefits and restores the immune system to its best. When a person sleeps, not only the body but also the brain is at rest and this rest activates the body’s restoration process. During sleep, the human body is charging the immune system and strengthen the body against any microbial infections.

5. Increase Physical Activity

Consistent physical activity strengthens immunity. Walking a block or two for about 30 minutes or so will also help out in increasing your natural resistance against viral infections. Workouts could reduce the likelihood of getting coughs and COLD by about 60%. Common COLDs and cough usually are transmittable. The above-mentioned tips of prevention could definitely support your overall health!

Treatment of Dry Cough and Phlegm

The immune system is very strong. Whenever there is a viral infectious attack on the body, the first thing the body tries to do is to fight against it. Coughing is also part of the immune system. Coughing up sputum from the upper respiratory tract makes it easier to breathe. Coughing keeps the airways clear. If this phlegm is not excreted, the airways become narrow and thus there are attacks of shortness of breath and asthma. Therefore, in some cases, no cough syrup is needed to prevent this type of cough. In fact, cough medicine should be used only when it is accompanied by other ailments, such as fever or any other infection that needs to be treated on a priority basis.

If necessary, you can use herbal remedies for cough. Unani Medicinal System has a complete cure for COLD and cough, which has no side effects. Dawakhana Hakeem Ajmal Khan’s cough syrup Sharbat Sadar Ajmali completely cures cough and makes it easier to open the airways and help in breathing effortlessly. Sharbat Sadar Ajmaliis best cough syrup in Pakistan

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