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4 Herbs that will improve your Memory – Brain Food

Most of the people on earth relate memory loss with the aging process. However, either it is occasional memory loss or short term memory loss you should be aware that there can be some factors, which can cause it even in young age people. So, it is pointless to attribute memory loss only to aging. The causes can be alcohol, stress, depression, insomnia, tobacco abuse, nutritional deficiency, and certain medications. Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal 4 best products for memory.

In Order to Prevent or Treat Memory Loss, These Herbs are Very Useful

Ginko Biloba

Ginko Biloba supplements are among the most popular herbal medicines in Europe and America. It is found in China and Japan and is exported in large quantities to various parts of the world. Scientific studies have shown that Ginko has the ability to improve memory and thought the process for those suffering from vascular dementia or Alzheimer disease. It does this by protecting nerve cells that get damaged by these diseases to improve learning, social behavior, daily activities and minimize the feeling of depression.


Lab testing has approved that ginseng is an effective herb for recovering memory loss. It was first tested on mice that showed remarkable recovery as Ginseng activate neurotransmitter activities, which promote memory enhancement.


Rosemary has been traditionally used for many years for memory improvement. According to lab test, rosemary has some antioxidant properties, which stabilize free radicals. In another study, it is seen that rosemary, when combined with other natural oils, can alleviate stress and improve concentration.


Herbalists believe that sage herb contains some active ingredients, which boost up the chemicals that trigger message transmissions in the brain. In a study of scientists coming from Universities of Northumbria and Newcastle, 44 people were tested. They have to take either sage or placebo for testing, results demonstrated that those given sage were top performers in word recall test session. It is very useful for Alzheimer patients.

Herbal Memory Loss Cure in Pakistan

In Pakistan, herbal medicines are available at an affordable to prevent or cure memory loss problems. Ajmal Dawakhana is producing Khameera DanayiKhameera Gaozaban Ambari and Laooq Badam herbal medicines that have proven track of helping millions of patients. All these herbal medicines are very effective in preventing and improving any memory and anxiety or depression related issues.

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